As one of my most trusted soldiers in “Annie’s Army,” I’d like your advice on some hotly-debated political issues facing Nevada’s conservatives, including what you think I should do next year.

I’ve really come to rely on and respect the opinions of grassroots activists like you who are too often ignored by establishment politicians – unless, of course, they want your money.

Well, there is NO FUNDRAISING PITCH involved here.  I only want to know what you think.

Please take a moment to complete this short, 5-question survey below.  

And thank you for helping to make a big difference in Nevada politics!

– Annie

Battleground Survey

Should Donald Trump run for president again in 2024?
How confident are you that Republicans will nominate a candidate who can beat Gov. Steve Sisolak in the 2022 general election?
Should conservatives recruit and support primary challenges to incumbent Republican legislators who vote with the Democrats too often?
Should the Nevada Republican Party re-elect Chairman Michael McDonald this fall or is it time for someone new?
What should I do in 2022?
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