Annie Annie Black “Irritating Democrats” in Legislature

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist/political editor Steve Sebelius noted on Sunday our efforts to represent you despite efforts to shut me up and shut us down…

“One of the Assembly’s newest members is definitely not adhering to the rule that freshmen should be seen and not heard.  Assemblywoman Annie Black, R-Mesquite, is becoming known for floor speeches that irritate the majority Democrats. … The odds that Black will back down? Zero percent, according to her email.”

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This is the difference between acting like you’re in the “minority” party rather than being in the “opposition” party.

Democrats have the numbers to roll over Republicans and pretty much do whatever the heck they want.  And they are.  But that doesn’t mean Republicans should go down without a fight.

And I won’t.

They “warned” me early on that if I didn’t “play the game” and “go along to get along” that the Democrats would kill my bills.  And…they did.

However, they’ve also killed just about every meaningful bill sponsored by my Republican colleagues who “played nice” with the Democrats and didn’t rock the boat.

Appeasement got them…nowhere.

Alyssa’s Story: What Javier Righetti Did to Get on Death Row

Assembly Bill 395 would abolish the death penalty in Nevada.

I’m opposed to the bill and have detailed why.  But every time I’ve attempted to talk about this issue on the floor of the Assembly, I’ve been interrupted and blocked.

But it’s not just me.  Clearly one of the reasons the Democrats have refused to fully open the Legislature to the public is to keep citizens such as Jennifer Otremba from testifying in person and make them squirm in their seats.

Ms. Otremba’s daughter was brutally murdered by one of the killers who are currently on death row in Nevada.  Here’s her tragic story…

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New Video on Biden Border Crisis

While acknowledging that the growing problem of ILLEGAL immigration on our southern border is a federal issue under the control of Congress and the White House, that doesn’t mean it’s not affecting non-border states such as Nevada.

And while there’s little the Legislature can do to fix the national problem, the least we can do is not make it worse.  But that’s exactly what AB376 – which would essentially turn us into a “sanctuary state” – would do.

At the risk of again rocking the boat and irritating the Democrats, the folks at Harris Media helped me put together a short, two-minute video exposing the lies and hypocrisy that have created this disaster.

Click here to watch on AnnieTV.


“BREAKING: Roberta S. Jacobson, the White House’s border coordinator will resign at the end of the month amid a historic surge in migrants at the southern border.” – Buck Sexton

“So Roberta Jacobson, the ‘Border Coordinator’ is OUT and Kamala Harris, the BORDER CZAR, is MIA (missing in action).  Who is actually managing the border? This is #chaos!” – Trish Regan

“The White House will nominate two critics of the Trump administration’s border policies to lead key immigration agencies inside the Department of Homeland Security, a White House official said, as a surge of migrants at the southern border has become an early challenge for the Biden administration.” – Wall Street Journal, 4/12/21

“Kamala has been ‘in charge’ of the border over two weeks and has yet to visit.  Leadership is action.” – Rep. Lauren Boebert

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information and subscribe to her AnnieGram newsletter by visiting

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