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Mesquite City Councilwoman. Past President of Mesquite Republican Women's Club. Born on January 20, 1981 – the same day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated!


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"The power to tax is the power to destroy." I've signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising you I'll oppose & vote against any and ALL efforts to increase taxes. Period.

Illegal Immigration

We want people to come to America...LEGALLY. Build the wall. End sanctuary cities. End the visa lottery. End chain migration.

Gun Rights

You don’t shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive. Guns are smart enough. We need smarter politicians. The United States Constitution © 1791. All Rights Reserved.


The fastest way out of poverty is a good job. But you don't create jobs by hurting job creators. Slash government red tape. Lower taxes. Reduce lawsuit abuse.

School Choice

Our schools aren't broke; they're broken. Parents, not government, should decide how to educate their children. I support charter schools, private schools, vouchers, ESAs & homeschooling.

Choose Life

No late-term abortions. No taxpayer funding. Parental notification or court approval for minors. Make adoptions easier!

Why You Should Trade in Chris Edwards for a Newer Model...

Elections are about choices. YOU get to decide who represents you in Carson City.

Reason #1

District 19 is one of the most Republican districts in the state.
It should be represented by a solid conservative, not one who only votes conservative when it's convenient or someone who goes-along-to-get-along with lobbyists. It's not enough to just elect more Republicans; we need to elect BETTER ones.

Reason #2

In 2015 Edwards sided with liberal Republicans to oust conservative Assemblywoman Michele Fiore as chair of the Taxation Committee - greasing the skid for passage of the largest tax hike in Nevada history. He also found a way to vote FOR that tax hike...before voting against it. Very slippery.

0 %
Edwards' Dismal NPRI Rating for 2015 Session w/Largest Tax Hike in Nevada History
# of Billion-Dollar Budget Increases Edwards has voted for in 3 Sessions
# of Tax Hikes (Out of 32) Edwards Voted for
$ 0 Billion
Cost to Taxpayers for Edwards' Votes over 3 Sessions

"THE WIRE" - starring Chris Edwards

The unbelievable story of how Assemblyman Edwards "wore a wire" in an effort to entrap & take down conservative GOP colleagues in the 2015 legislative session. Click link icon above to read the full story.

Why I'm Running

Short answer: To keep Nevada NEVADA! If you want higher taxes, bigger "nanny state" government, rampant homelessness, failing schools & less individual liberty ... move TO California, not away from it. Click on the link icon above to read more.

How to Donate

By investing in Annie's campaign, you get the peace of mind that comes with having a representative who will vote the way she campaigned. You won't have to worry about being "sold out" to the Carson City lobbyists and political establishment.

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