Sisolak Snatches Back Mask Powers; New Lockdown Looms

(Annie Black) – In yet another politically-motivated decision, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak is once again abusing his “emergency” powers to unilaterally mandate the wearing of masks – even for those who have already been inoculated against the COVID virus – in 12 of Nevada’s 17 counties.

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming.  As I warned on Twitter just 10 days ago…

“Since the COVID ‘emergency’ is clearly over, though the virus lingers, why is @GovSisolak ‘s Declaration of Emergency still in effect even though, for now, he has rolled back his most draconian ‘orders’? The declaration should be terminated completely NOW.”

Authoritarians rarely give up power voluntarily.  They need to be stripped of it.

But since the Democrat-controlled 2021 Nevada Legislature refused to even hear my bill to terminate the governor’s “Declaration of Emergency,” let alone vote on it, here we go again.

In addition to this being an obvious grab to regain power over our lives and livelihoods, it’s also purely a political decision not ground in science.  Consider…

If the vaccine works, why are masks needed for those who have been vaccinated?  And if masks work, why continue to strong-arm and/or bribe people to get vaccinated if they’re wearing masks?

Sisolak’s latest imperial order isn’t “science.”  It’s science fiction.

As Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks noted this morning…

“Vaccinated individuals remain at vanishingly low risk.  Unvaccinated individuals have had months to be vaccinated but have chosen not to.  That’s on them.”

It’s called individual freedom…something Sisolak fears more than a vampire seeing daylight.

Reinstituting the mask mandate is designed to pressure those who choose not to get the jab.  Vax-hesitant Nevadans will be blamed and shamed when Gov. Sisolak drops the hammer and locks us down again.

The only way this nonsensical nightmare is going to end is if…

  • Nevada citizens exercise a little civil disobedience and refuse to comply
  • Nevada businesses refuse to enforce the mandate
  • Nevada law enforcement officials refuse to act as “mask police”
  • Nevada Republican elected officials find their backbones and start speaking out LOUDLY against Sisolak’s politically-motivated power-trip
  • Nevada media outlets stop treating Sisolak with kid gloves and giving him a free pass
  • Nevada voters vote this tyrant out of office in November 2022

It’s time for the government to stop treating us like children and let adult citizens, in what was once the freest country in the world, make our own decisions.

As much as Democrats wish otherwise, this ain’t Cuba.



“Mandating masks for vaccinated people erodes public trust and confidence in the effectiveness of the vaccines. To me it appears that the government wants to be perceived as ‘doing something’ during a seasonal infection surge, even if their policy does not necessarily make people safer.” – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

“It is beyond astounding that, to date, the 2021 #nvleg Democrat majority has demonstrated zero interest in reacquiring its legislative powers from King @GovSisolak.  What a mockery of our three-branch system. NV Dems are content, it seems, operating under his tyrannical diktats!” – Daniel Honchariw, Nevada Policy Research Institute

“We might as well start calling this a Perma-demic.  Permanent masking. Permanent state of emergency. Permanent control.  This will go on until the American people just say enough is enough. The tyrants aren’t giving this up!” – Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO)

“People have the right to choose to wear a mask or not, and to vaccinate or not.  The perpetual pandemic state is only useful to control the public through fear, not save lives.” – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)

“Don’t ever let anyone from the Biden administration lecture you about COVID-19 while they’re leaving the border open and shipping untested migrants all over the country.” – Former Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC)

“The US is now at 89.5% of seniors vaccinated with at least one dose, with 46 states over 80%. … Last year, the rationale for imposing masks on kids was so they wouldn’t infect grandma. Now she’s been vaccinated!” – Committee to Unleash Prosperity

“The time for government mask mandates is over—now is the time for personal responsibility.” – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

“The CDC has done more to fuel anti-vaxxers than anti-vaxxers have.” – Caleb Hull

“These CDC guidelines have no basis in science and the fact that we are requiring masks regardless of vaccination status is ridiculous.  How much longer are our children going to be victims of this political dog and pony show?” – Clark County School Trustee Katie Williams

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information and subscribe to her AnnieGram newsletter by visiting

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