Annie Black Dares To Go Maskless On The Assembly Floor

( – If you have been following Nevada politics for any amount of time, you’re aware of Annie Black. The now freshmen Assemblywoman from Mesquite has been making quite the name for herself in state politics. Recently she dared to go maskless on the Assembly floor even after being warned by House Majority Leader Frierson of the consequences. …

According to other news sources the House Majority Leader just all of the sudden made the decision to follow CDC guidelines. The truth is, it was the voice of Annie Black, standing alone in a room full of weak-kneed lemmings that made all the difference in the world.

All bets are off folks. Annie Black has become the torch for the Nevada Assembly. She is single-handedly taking on all comers and knocking it out of the park. If anyone asks you, who would you say is the bravest, most daring and faithful conservator of conservative values in the Assembly…well you know who that is. Black…Out.

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