Democrats: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs…EXCEPT on MY Door

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – Here we go again…

On Wednesday, the day the Legislature’s building sort of was reopened to the public, I posted a tongue-in-cheek sign on the door of my office that read: “Come On In. We’re Open. Don’t Mask.  Don’t Tell.”

Shortly after posting a video of it on social media, the Sergeant at Arms came to my office and advised that Democrat Speaker Jason Frierson ordered it be taken down.

So the building is sort of reopened, but free speech the Democrats don’t like is still shut down.

And lest anyone think I’ve broken some “rule” against signs on our doors, there are at least another dozen legislators who have signs on THEIR doors that have NOT been ordered removed.

Like these on Democrat Assemblywoman Lesley Cohen’s door…

It seems like there are two separate sets of rules this legislative session.  One for me.  Another for everyone else.

Remember the old saying: “It’s not paranoia when they’re really out to get you.”

In any event, the Democrats are fooling the public into thinking the building is open when the hoops you have to jump through to gain access are ridiculous.  Consider this memorandum sent to legislators late Wednesday night…

“All persons authorized to enter the Legislative Building are required to obtain a stick-on badge that will be obtained from LCB staff at the mobile site across from Fifth Street from the Legislative Building. If your vaccine status has been verified, you just need to provide the LCB staff person your name and show your identification. You will then be issued a badge for that day.”

So in addition to being forced to wear a “scarlet letter” stick-on badge – essentially a “vaccine passport” – you have to show ID.  Yet the same Democrats who came up with this requirement to enter The People’s House refuse to require ID before voting.

So hypocritical.


* Listen to my interview on KOOL 102.  Click here


* Sean Golonka reports: “Out of 249 bills and resolutions introduced by Republican legislators this year, 162 died at the deadline, including 121 bills that never received a committee hearing. Some of the top Republican-backed efforts that failed included election bills repealing expanded mail voting (AB134) and requiring proof of identity before voting (AB137, AB163) and attempts to curb the governor’s emergency powers (AB93, AB373).”

* AB190 would force private employers to pay sick leave to workers who aren’t themselves sick, but want to stay home with a sick family member.  Republicans who voted with the Democrats for this anti-business bill: Assemblywomen Jill Tolles, Melissa Hardy and Heidi Kasama and Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill

* AB19 would force homeschoolers to remove “Government” from their lesson plans and add “Multicultural Education.”  I voted against the bill.  But three Republicans voted with the Democrats to approve it: Assemblywoman Jill Tolles, Assemblyman Tom Roberts and Assemblywoman Melissa Hardy.

Tolles and Roberts are the co-assistant leaders of the Assembly GOP Caucus.  And some still wonder why I chose not to join the caucus?


Want to weigh in on a bill or issue with your legislator…or ANY legislator…or just give them a “piece of your mind”?

Click here for full contact list of the Members of the 2021 Nevada Legislature.


  • “It must be difficult to keep up with all the emails that you receive. We think you are doing a wonderful job.  Please don’t get frustrated.  It can be challenging when working with adolescents that are supposed to be adults.  You have our support all the time.  THANK YOU.” – Jim Heilman
  • “Annie, I always enjoy reading your updates. Keep ‘em comin’!   Keep us informed on what the dumb Dems are up to.  Stay strong.  Stay the course.  Be the thorn in the Dem and RINO sides!   Be the pain in their arse!” – Larry Wilkinson
  • “Hello, Annie. I like to thank you for doing what all politicians we vote in are supposed to do and that is fight for what is right.” – Patrick Garland
  • “Very good speeches on the Assembly Floor. I watched all three.  Thanks also for the List of Legislators.  You are up against a lot of opposition from the Democrats, Liberals and RINO’s but keep up the great work.  Your adopted Army is behind you 100+%.” – Dave Warren
  • “Love your emails and fiery take-no-prisoners attitude. Keep up the great battle you’re waging. I’m sure your constituents are right proud of you. I know I am!” – P. Lunn, Carson City
  • “Keep up the good fight. I wish I were in your district to be able to vote for you.  As you gain seniority and we vote out the Socialists and RINOs, I can see you making a real difference for the people of this state.  I can also see you going to Washington, though I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.” – Michael L. Labit, Gardnerville NV


“Am I to believe that minorities in this country are unable to obtain identification? Are Democrats saying that minorities can’t figure out how to obtain a state ID that is free in many states? Maybe they’re saying that they are just not motivated enough to obtain one. Either way, it’s simply the bigotry of low expectation.” – Dan Carr, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/15/21

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information and subscribe to her AnnieGram newsletter by visiting

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