Here are 15 “Election Protection” Proposals: Did I Miss Anything?

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – The fact that you can’t “prove” someone did something in a court of law doesn’t mean the person didn’t do it.  Just ask OJ Simpson.

Election fraud deniers continue to insist there’s no evidence of “widespread” illegal voting in the 2020 elections and dismiss allegations to the contrary as “baseless.”  But where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

“Yes, vote fraud is real,” I wrote way back on April 11.  “Yes, it happens in Nevada.  And yes, mail-in elections increase the danger of vote fraud.”

And yes, as far as I’m concerned…OJ did it.

The Republican Party and the Trump campaign claim to have “overwhelming evidence” of ballots cast illegally in the 2020 general election, including thousands of dead people, non-citizens and non-Nevadans voting illegally.

But they’ve been unsuccessful “proving” it in court – usually due to some legal mumbo-jumbo technicality.

That said, rather than “re-fighting the last war,” I’m looking at how to protect our elections in the FUTURE.

Since getting my new, official State Assembly email address (, I’ve received more emails about election-related concerns than about any other issue.  By far.

People want to know their vote isn’t being cancelled out by an illegal vote.  Go figure.

As a freshman legislator, I’m allowed to introduce one more “bill draft request” (BDR) before the start of the 2021 session – and I’m thinking it should be an Election Protection reform bill to enhance the security of our elections and protect the integrity of your vote.

To get the ball rolling…

Assembly Bill 4 (AB4) – an election overhaul bill that authorized universal mail-in balloting, along with a lot of other bad stuff – was passed in the dead of night during a special session of the Legislature back in August with virtually no time for legislators, let alone the public, to read and understand what was in it.

Side Note: My proposed “Slam & Jam Prevention Act” bill would stop this.

AB4 was sold to us as just an “emergency” measure due to COVID-19, but you can bet some legislators are going to try to make these changes permanent.  Instead, we should repeal AB4 in its entirety.

Here are 15 other “Election Protection” reform proposals for consideration…

1.)  Requiring a valid, photo ID before casting a ballot.

2.)  Ban on universal mailing of ballots unless a voter specifically REQUESTS an absentee ballot.

3.)  Proof of citizenship to register to vote.

4.)  Ban the use of signature verification machines.  Something this important shouldn’t be left to “artificial intelligence.”

5.)  Permanent ban on “ballot harvesting.”

6.)  Ban on mailing ballots to “inactive” voters – which Clark County did in the primary.

7.)  Repeal “same-day registration.”  We need to confirm a voter’s eligibility before Election Day, not after.

8.)  Automatic recount or audit, at government expense, for races decided by less than a 1% margin.

9.)  Specifically define what qualifies as working “temporarily” out of state.  Students and military are already exempted.  But what about everybody else?

10.)  Specifically define what “meaningful observation” means when it comes to independently monitoring poll locations, ballot counting and signature verification.

11.)  Ban on voting in districts where the voter doesn’t “actually” live.  People who don’t live in a district shouldn’t be allowed to vote for who gets to represent the district.

12.)  Mail-in ballots must be RECEIVED by Election Day.  If you’re afraid the post office won’t deliver your ballot in time, mail sooner, vote early or vote on Election Day in person.

13.)  Ban on opening mail-in ballot envelopes until after the polls have closed.

14.)  Enhanced procedures for removing dead people from the voting list.

15.)  Ban on changing election laws after the filing period has already closed.  Candidates, voters and donors shouldn’t have the rules changed in the middle of the game like what happened with AB4.

What did I miss?

Before submitting my final BDR, please shoot me any other ideas you have on this critical issue.

And Merry Christmas!



“Our view of the presidential election is that there was widespread fraud. But we generally agree with the WSJ’s Kim Strassel that the election was lost months before November 3rd when Democrats – who always knew that fraud-laden mail-in balloting was their passport to victory – outwitted the GOP by conspiring to allow near-universal early mail voting. Republicans allowed this with almost no safeguards of ballot integrity. Once a vote is delivered and counted, it is nearly impossible to un-count it.” – Stephen Moore, Committee to Unleash Prosperity

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information by visiting 

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