Local Assemblywoman Annie Black shares tense moments at Capitol

by Annie Black
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(FOX 5 Las Vegas) – Incoming Nevada state Assemblywoman Annie Black, a Republican, describes the chaos after protesters broke down barriers outside the Capitol building.

The lawmaker is now facing both praise and criticism from Southern Nevadans for attending the Washington D.C. protest and rally, calling the feedback “split,” mirroring the 2020 election.  The Wednesday event organized by President Donald Trump ended with a violent mob ambush on the Capitol building.

“It was not anything I expected to see going there. Obviously, it was a sad thing to watch… it really maybe tarnished the movement we have been trying so hard to work on the last four years and even earlier so,” said Black, who condemned the violence.

Black describes how, upon not being able to see or hear President Trump during his speech at the Ellipse, walked to the Capitol building. The President’s speech was being blasted on a loudspeaker.

“I didn’t hear anything that would trigger anything or cause violence at the Capitol,” she said, responding to criticism that the speech led rioters to act.

“It got a little hostile. The vibe changed.  It didn’t feel like all the other rallies and events that I had been at,” she said.

Upon hearing a call to storm the barrier, Black describes how she fled and heard a flash bang.

The lawmakers tells FOX5, it’s unfair for critics to paint all rally and protest attendees as participants in the mob.

“I’m being called a terrorist, an insurrectionist,” she said.

Black describes a lengthy account of the event here: Click here 

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