Mask Cop…BUSTED!

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – Last week, Susan Furlong, Chief Clerk of the Legislative Council Bureau (LCB), ordered the Sergeant at Arms to remove a temporary paper sign on my office door, arguing it violated the COVID “rules” she and the Democrats created before the start of the session.

I responded in an AnnieGram on Saturday pointing out that Ms. Furlong herself was regularly violating her own rules by working in the Assembly Chamber without wearing a mask.

I included this photo of Ms. Furlong in action and noted her hypocrisy…

Well, guess who came to work on Monday and was suddenly wearing a mask?


When you don’t stand up for yourself, they just walk all over you. If they think you can be pushed around, they’ll push you around.

But when you fight back…sometimes you win.

Naturally, some of my colleagues are now complaining they can’t understand what Ms. Furlong’s saying behind the mask.

But how is that different from you sitting at home, watching virtually, and not being able to understand what Assemblymembers are saying when THEY speak on the floor?

The answer, of course, is it’s not.

And the common-sense solution is to drop the mask mandate for EVERYBODY in the Chamber.  But that would undermine their efforts to keep as much of the public out of the building as they can for as long as possible.

And they sure as heck don’t want that!

The Death Penalty as Deterrent

For those claiming the death penalty is not a deterrent, consider this Breitbart News story from just this week…

“A murderer who was paroled following decades behind bars has reportedly been accused of killing another individual in Los Angeles after his release.  According to Fox 11, the suspect was recently charged in the stabbing murder of a woman in the weeks after the state canceled his parole conditions.”

Eddie Allen Harris was in prison because he “raped and stabbed a woman to death before leaving her body in an alley” back in 1982.  He was released “due to changes in state law reducing California’s elderly parole eligibility to the age of 50.”

Had Mr. Harris been executed, he would have been permanently deterred from killing anyone else ever again…and that second woman victim would be alive today.


  • “You go, girl! You are absolutely correct to oppose that (anti-charter school) bill and God bless you for it. You did your due diligence, contacted charter schools, studied it. Stay the course!” – Carole  Fineberg
  • “Absolutely agree with your assessment of why Republicans end up with the short end so often! Also appreciate that you made the effort to gather ALL the facts about AB109 and let us know.  Stick to your guns, Annie!” – Darla Lee
  • “Thank you, Annie, for giving us, as Paul Harvey says, ‘The Rest of the Story’. … Keep rocking that boat and holding not only the left, but also our own GOP accountable.” – Gary Turner, #AnniesArmy member
  • “You are absolutely correct in your assessment of how the Republicans erred with AB109 and how they screw up right down the line in not opposing AS A GROUP bad legislation. This problem has existed for years. Thank you for laying it out so well.” – Rick Kuhlmey
  • “I just read your newsletter about ‘Republican table scraps’ and you are totally accurate and by far the freshest breeze to blow through the Nevada legislature in some time! … My own District 35 legislator will not even respond to my calls and emails. I’m not sure I’m represented at this point.” – Judy Sorce- Bauman
  • “I know you are busy and deal with a lot of crap every day. Please know that more of us are cheering you on than you know and we appreciate your efforts and especially your communication with We the People!” – Paula “Poya” Daniels
  • “Thank you. I like that your letters are long enough that we get a complete picture of what is going on.” – Laura Nguyen
  • “I wish you could be cloned! You present the issues in layman’s terms.  Thank you for all you do, especially for your ‘adopted’ constituents!” – Name withheld by request
  • “Hi Annie. OMG, I wish I could clone you so we could have you here in Las Vegas. I really enjoy reading your emails. Keep up the great work!” – Lynn Sasaoka
  • “Hi Annie. You are right on so many points. … Keep fighting. You are one of the only reasons I have not re-registered Independent from Republican.” – Jeannette Wiley
  • “Right on Annie. Name the names!  RINOs or otherwise.  If they make bad or stupid decisions, they should pay the price. Call them out. Maybe then they will know we are watching them.” – Larry Wilkinson


“Attention, Gov. Steve Sisolak: I have had (and survived) COVID-19. I have been vaccinated. Why is the government requiring me to wear a mask? What law gives you that power? Where is the science that says forcing me to wear a mask is a health benefit to anyone?” – Jeff Fritz, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“To my knowledge the social distancing edict isn’t what people objected to. It’s having to wear that horrible mask. I’d be willing to maintain any distance from people if I didn’t have to wear the stupid thing. I’ve had both injections and, according to the science, am no longer in danger of either catching or transmitting the disease. A better idea would be to turn over the mask wearing decision to individual businesses, as is happening in many other states.” – Steve Bayliff, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information and subscribe to her AnnieGram newsletter by visiting

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