UPDATE: Don’t Worry, I Don’t Even OWN a White Flag!

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – As you know, on Thursday the Democrats blindsided me on the floor of the Assembly Chamber and accused me of breaking their mask rule without ever even bothering to ask me about it first.

In a partisan 26-16 vote, the Democrats stripped me of my right to vote or speak from the floor of the House Chamber on behalf of my constituents.

As you can imagine, I’ve been meeting and talking with attorneys and advisers ever since to explore options.  The bottom line is this:  I’m OK.  I’m still fighting!  And I’ll keep you posted.

Let me leave you with two quick thoughts…

1.)  There are recorded cases of people getting infected with the COVID after receiving the vaccination.  In fact, HBO talk-show host Bill Maher had to cancel taping his show this week because he tested positive for COVID despite being fully vaccinated.

2.)  The CDC itself(!) admits that “cases of reinfection of COVID-19 have been reported but are rare.”  Which means people who have already gotten the virus are at least as safe as those who have gotten the vaccine, if not more so.

Either way, whether you’ve had the virus or gotten the vaccine, that’s YOUR business.  You shouldn’t have to PROVE you’ve had either before being allowed to get on with your life mask-free, especially in the People’s House, the Nevada State Legislature.

And if they can do this to me, they can do it to YOU.

As Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky wrote to me on Friday…

“You are an inspiration to many. Stay strong, because what they will do in these chambers, they will do to the American people.”


P.S.  As you can imagine, my inbox is FLOODED with emails from all over the country – including a few “hate” mails (see “Mailbag” below).

I’m trying to read them all as quickly as I can, but for right now please don’t be offended if I’m unable to answer them all.




  • “(Expletive deleted) You! You are not a patriot, you are a cult, conspiracy, attention seeking wanna be.  I am Conservative, Christian, Veteran done with the anything associated with the trump republican cult.” – Glen Skrivseth
  • “Wear a mask. You are ugly first of all and you should wear a mask just incase it is contagious. Why should everyone else catch your diseases? Think of the beautiful people! Selfish ugly @RealAnnieBlack was to make everyone ugly like her.” – @JudgeReddz
  • “As far as I’m concerned you and all others like you who deny reality should all get together and whom ever gets sick should get no medical attention. Personally the more of you that die the better. It’s clear the bimbos like you, boebert, greene, chase, fann, ward have no qualifications for your positions other than stupid loud moths.” – James Anderson
  • “You are a worthless elected individual. You provide no benefit to the community you are in and stir up problems like an adolescent. You are a (expletive deleted) child.” – Chandler Burbank
  • “Dear Ms Black: You’re just another Trumpian idiot spewing your stupid, uneducated BS. Why don’t you go away, you ignorant fool? Mesquite must be one pathetic town if they elected the likes of you!” – Larry Walter
  • “Put the piece of cloth over your mouth or take the vaccine. You sound pathetic.  Our great state deserves better than you.” – Jon Clark

* * *

  • “Funny how the CDC and media are pushing, ‘If you’ve been vaccinated you do not have to wear a mask,’ and yet no one is saying, ‘If you’ve had the virus, you do not need a mask.’ Kabuki theater this whole mask crap.” – Dan Schinhofen
  • “It is obvious your leadership is shining through and literally gives me chills to talk about the amazing things you are accomplishing. I almost cried yesterday reading the update on your success with the masks. You are the BOMB. Annie Army Loyalist!!” – Tina Campbell
  • “I’m from Oklahoma and not your state of Nevada, but I just want you to know that you have support from many cities across the nation. Much respect! Please continue to stand for freedom. Thank You!” – Tamra Mahoney
  • “You are an inspiration. I’m not even in Nevada.  I’m in New Hampshire.  What happens in Nevada is just as important as what’s happening in my home state, because corrupted politicians, bogus laws, and wimpy representatives are everywhere.” – Jenna Kepich
  • “Thank you for standing up for freedom! You are an inspiration to us all in every state.  May God Bless You!” – Sandra Martindale, Edmond, OK
  • “Not only are you freaking out the Democrats around you, but you are giving me – a mom with a working husband and little kiddos – a smile and a hope for this great state. People like you make it better. Thank you for standing up for our rights.” – Ava Brockman
  • “Thank you for standing up for all of Nevada. You are a woman of courage and I applaud your no mask stance.” – Maryanne Berdan
  • “I’ve been following your work by a friend forwarding the ‘AnnieGrams.’ I live in Douglas County so can’t help much with your campaigns but still appreciate your efforts.” – Dave & Cindi Osowski
  • “Thank you for standing up for ALL the people of Nevada, not just your constituents. We appreciate your tenacity, courage, and fortitude.  You are the kind of leader needed in our Assembly.” – Carolyn Sullivan
  • “Annie, a while back I signed up to get email notifications from you. You are one of the most tenacious and fearless women I’ve ever encountered.  In Nevada, there aren’t many patriots left fighting for this state.” – Stephanie Suppe
  • “I just wanted to thank you for standing up to the bullies in the NV Legislature. I am not in your district but I follow you and receive your AnnieGrams daily and I LOVE them. I love that you are holding people accountable and calling them out.” – Sara Coombes
  • “I wish you were my representative. Thank you for taking a stand and getting our government facilities opened again. You made a difference… again!” – Lisa Olquin
  • “Once again, I only see Annie standing up for us. Where is (Assemblyman) Glenn Leavitt?” – Gary Matthew
  • “I do not envy you; what you have been up against and how you have been dealing with it is not easy. So far you have been conducting yourself beyond my expectations and I cannot think of a better person for the job!” – Nicholas Capra, Mesquite, NV
  • “I am a soldier in Annie’s Army.” – Michael Hebel
  • “Thank you for showing us how to make a stand. Thank you for giving us a rallying point. I am glad to know that there are people yet who can lead out in resistance to the insane mindsets of this time.” – Ellen Pearson, Pioche, Nevada
  • “You promised to never back down and always fight for us. Thanks for keeping your promises.” – Teresa McClellan Benton
  • “Thank you, Annie, for fighting for us. We are not in your district but support you 100%! We wish we had the same type of representation that you provide.” – Sharon Giampapa
  • “I’m so glad Nevada has people like you. Although it was scary, you stood strong for all because of your principles. Thank you for all you do.” – Nancy Hullum-Turner
  • “Annie, I’m glad we have a Nevada legislator that stands up to these political hacks. I love reading your messages keep up your great work, were all behind you.” – Gary Hagstrom
  • “I am soooo grateful to you. I’m not in your district but please put me on your fund raiser list next time around.” – Judith Rettich, Reno, Nevada
  • “I love getting your updates!! I’m sure it’s tedious, but if more elected officials would adopt this practice, I feel it would make for more honest politicians.” – Debbie Wolfgang
  • “You are doing a phenomenal job of informing and activating voters across Nevada, as well as setting a great example for your colleagues. I wholeheartedly applaud you for it!” – Denise Vaughn
  • “Thank you for not going along to get along. Thank you, Assemblywoman Black, for having principles and living by them.” – Rick Kuhlmey


“(Assemblywoman) Black has agitated over pandemic restrictions during the session, pushing back on social distancing guidance and other limitations that saw the legislative building closed to the public for most of the session.” – Bill Dentzer, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/23/21

“Yesterday, Assembly Democrats silenced the voices of tens of thousands of Nevadans when they unconstitutionally targeted Republican Assemblywomen Jill Dickman and Annie Black for daring to stand up for their right to privacy. Preventing our elected Representatives from debating and voting on behalf of Nevadans is ridiculous and disenfranchises their constituents.” – Alida Benson, Political Director, Nevada Republican Party

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information and subscribe to her AnnieGram newsletter by visiting www.AnnieBlack.net

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