Chris Edwards’ Stand on Issues as Solid as…Quicksand

(Annie Black) – Elections are about choices.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried to demonstrate the vast differences between me and our incumbent assemblyman – who’s harder to find than Waldo (except during election season).

I haven’t attacked him personally.

But I HAVE criticized his positions on issues, many of his votes (such as voting for 26 out of 32 tax hikes and tax-funding for Planned Parenthood), and his failure to aggressively fight against the #SisolakShutdown and the all-mail primary election on Tuesday.

That’s fair game.  As is this question…

Where does Assemblyman Chris Edwards stand?

I’ve laid out a detailed post-COVID plan for rebuilding Nevada, as well as my position on many other issues.

That includes putting budget cuts on the table for any government department, program, service or employee that isn’t designated as “critical.”

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking cutting the budget means laying off police officers, firefighters, prison guards, judges or classroom teachers.

That’s just a scare tactic and 100% dishonest.

On the other hand, as of today – just four days before the election – Chris has yet to offer ANY PLAN – other than some worn-out political mush.

In fact, he doesn’t even have an “Issues” page on his one-page campaign website.  Instead he has an insultingly short 89-word “About” statement.


That’s just nine words more than my son’s old “Run Spot Run” book!

You’d think your elected representative would share a lot more information with you about what he’s done, where he stands and what he plans to do, wouldn’t you?

Chris’ website also has no “Contact” page.  Nor does he offer to send you an e-newsletter keeping you informed on what he’s up to.

In addition, he hasn’t posted anything on the Facebook page linked to his website since May 9, 2016 – over FOUR YEARS AGO!   And that was simply to link to a news story about how he falsely accused his fellow conservative colleagues of “extortion.”

Think that’s bad?

The Twitter account he links to from his campaign website hasn’t posted anything new since November 2014 – almost SIX YEARS ago!

Again, the only time you hear from Assemblyman Chris Edwards is election time – and more often than not, not even then.

Say One Thing, Do Another

Chris is a textbook example of a politician who tells you one thing when campaigning for your vote – and then does the exact opposite once he gets to Carson City.  Here’s just one example…

On his old campaign website from when he first ran for the Assembly in 2014, he promised to “keep the state budget on track with population growth.”

But in Carson City during his three legislative sessions, Chris has voted for three billion-dollar budget increases that are FAR above the rate of population growth!

Say one thing, do another.  And get this…

Included in last year’s budget was the creation of Gov. Sisolak’s new “Office for New Americans” – which provides taxpayer-funded services for illegal immigrants.

Chris voted for that!

This guy is no fiscal conservative.  He’s a big-government Republican.  Period.

King of Political Whoppers

In one of his campaign mailers a week ago, Chris called me “Fake News Annie.”

How cute.

But everything I’ve written to you about his record has been backed up and documented.  It’s not “fake news.”  It’s an “inconvenient truth” – if you’re Chris Edwards.

You see, this is the problem.  You just can’t believe anything the man says.  Used car salesmen are more believable – no offense to used car salesmen!

Here’s just one example…

In his campaign mailers Chris claims to have been endorsed by the American Conservative Union (ACU).

Well, we called to verify his claim.  And lo and behold, it’s not true.  The ACU has only endorsed two candidates in Nevada – and Chris isn’t one of them.

But don’t take my word for it.  You can call Ian Walters at ACU to verify.  His number is: (202) 347-9388


Again, the choice in Assembly District 19 is clear as day…

If you want to be represented by somebody in Carson City who…

  • You rarely hear from and can never find (and maybe doesn’t even live in our district)
  • Is the only “Republican” endorsed by the liberal Las Vegas Sun
  • Will tell you one thing on the campaign trail and do the opposite in Carson City
  • Is a big government Republican who votes for higher budgets & taxes
  • Refuses to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge
  • Voted to provide taxpayer-funded services for illegal immigrants
  • Takes no solid positions on issues
  • Refused to call for a Special Session to limit the damage of the #SisolakShutdown
  • Has no plan whatsoever for digging us out of the budget hole Sisolak has put us in
  • Supports the Democrats’ dream of all-mail elections
  • Goes along to get along with the political establishment & lobbyists
  • Wire-tapped his fellow conservative colleagues
  • Was largely responsible for the largest tax hike in state history
  • Was the only vote against a bill to protect puppies used in animal testing!

…vote for Chris Edwards.

If you want someone better representing you in Carson City, vote for Annie Black.

From the AnnieGram Mailbag

“After reading your AnnieGram piece on ‘EdwardsSissorhands’ [Wired for sound], the mere thought of him using a back door to see the cards they’re holding, sticks in my craw! That tells me he’s as dangerous as a rattler in a bedroll on a cold wet night. Ain’t got much use for snakes like him.” – Wade Hedger

QUOTES OF THE DAY“A vote for Trump is a vote for jobs. A vote for Biden is a vote for mobs.” – Mark Levin

“It’s not a crime to open carry firearms.  It IS a crime to burn down buildings.” – Steven Crowder

“Want to know how to stop the riots?  If anyone is caught looting or vandalizing, they will lose their right to vote.  See how fast the Democrats stop the riots.” – Ryan Fournier

Annie Black is a Mesquite City Councilwoman and Republican candidate for Nevada State Assembly District 19.  You can get more information by visiting 

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