OK, It’s REALLY Starting to Get Ugly Now!

by Annie Black

(Annie Black) – The Democrat majority in the State Assembly has been screwing with me since Day One of this session, often over trivial matters and “rules” they arbitrarily enforce.

On the first day of session, Democrat Majority Leader Teresa Benitez-Thompson (a.k.a., “TBT”) sent word through a surrogate that I wasn’t allowed to wear a “Nevada” coat I’d purchased in the Legislature gift shop even though the “rules” say nothing about any kind of “dress code.”

Then there was the time when I referred to the “Biden Border Crisis” in a floor statement.  I was told I couldn’t mention Mr. Biden by name, even though the “rules” only say I can’t mention another “member” by name.

These efforts to harass and shut me up got more serious when I made a motion to reopen the building to the public a couple weeks ago.  TBT objected and the Speaker Pro Tem, Assemblyman Steve Yeager, simply ignored the “rules” and ignored my motion.

Then the Democrat leadership tried to kill my bill to end the governor’s “Declaration of Emergency” (ACR2) by refusing to refer it to a committee.

Under pressure from many of you (thanks!), they finally released the bill from the Chief Clerk’s desk and assigned it to the Legislative Operations Committee.  However, committee Chair Brittney Miller has thus far refused to schedule a hearing on it.

Then earlier this week when I placed a desktop podium on my desk to help me organize my floor statements better, I was ordered to remove it.  I was told it broke some “rule.”  But once again no one could show me any such rule (because there isn’t one).

But today things got REALLY ugly.  And I’m…um, well…the word rhymes with “kissed.”

On the floor of the Assembly I began to read a prepared statement detailing what a particular death row inmate did to deserve the death penalty.  I had barely begun my remarks when TBT cut me off, claiming – here we go again – that I was breaking some “rule.”

And Speaker Jason Frierson agreed with her.

You can watch the very short video clip by clicking here

After the floor session, TBT came to my office to scold me directly.  I asked her what specific rule I’d supposedly broken.  She responded that I wasn’t allowed to speak on the floor of the Assembly about specific bills.

Here’s the problem: I DIDN’T!

I spoke about this issue in general.  I did NOT mention either of the two anti-death penalty bills currently being debated in committee.  Here’s the full text of the prepared statement TBT blocked me from making…

Mr. Speaker,

I rise today in opposition to efforts to abolish the death penalty here in Nevada.

On January 20th, 2008, a college student named Brianna Denison was kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered by James Biela, who is currently on Nevada’s death row.

Her murder was committed just two months after Biela brutally raped at gunpoint another college student, Amanda Collins, in a UNR parking garage.

Miss Denison’s body, clothed only in socks, was found weeks after the murder in a snow-covered field near a Reno business park under a discarded Christmas tree.  She had been smothered with a pillow until she choked, raped, and ultimately strangled to death. 

DNA evidence conclusively proved James Biela was Miss Denison’s killer.  He was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to death by a jury.

Bri was only 19 years old, with her entire life ahead of her.  But James Biela gave her the death penalty.  He should get the same.  And the sooner the better.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.


I can understand why TBT and other Democrats didn’t want you to hear this.  They want you to think the death penalty is “cruel” without knowing what cruel, heinous murders the killers committed to land on death row in the first place.

It completely screws up the Killer Coddlers’ narrative.

But this isn’t even about the death penalty.  This is about Democrat leaders trying to silence any legislator who doesn’t agree with them.  They expect us to just sit in the corner like a potted plant and keep our mouths shut.

Sorry, but NOBODY puts Annie in a corner!  (Hat tip to “Dirty Dancing”)

Beat me on a vote, fine.  You have the numbers.  I accept that.

But trying to SILENCE me by using “rules” they’re making up as they go along is not fine.  It’s outrageous.

And here’s the thing: They’re not just silencing me.  They’re silencing YOU, the people I was elected to represent in the Legislature.

Look, I know I’m new.  As such, it’s certainly possible – likely even – that I could make a “rookie” mistake and unknowingly break some arcane process “rule” without knowing it.  If so, I’ll learn from the mistake and not make it again.

But that’s NOT what we’re talking about here.

I didn’t break any of their precious “rules” with my floor statement about how Ms. Denison was murdered.  I was simply exercising my First Amendment right to speak on an important issue on behalf of my constituents (including my “adopted” ones).

The Democrat majority can keep trying to shut me up.  They can keep harassing me.  They can keep trying to bully me.

But I will NOT go gentle into that good night.  And I’ve had enough of this…um, well…the word rhymes with “clap.”

What?  You want to know how to reach Majority Leader Benitez-Thompson and ask her to stop trying to block speech she doesn’t like?  I think I can help you out there…

Email:              Teresa.BenitezThompson@asm.state.nv.us
Phone:             (775) 684-8845

Remember:  Be polite.  Be courteous.  But be firm.  No personal attacks or profanity.  That’s not the style of Annie’s Army.

And again, have a great Easter weekend!


From the AnnieGram Mailbag

  • “If it weren’t for your updates, we would have no knowledge of what goes on in our government. Thank you for your hard work.” – Glen Peterson

  • “Thank you for keeping us informed. I am so dismayed at the Republicans who are quietly accepting everything. Just accept my respect, thanks and know I am praying for you as you fight for all of us.” – Peggy Pauly

  • “Like most of your non-constituent constituents, I read your every email and AnnieGram and have followed you for a good while. Stay safe and stay well as you keep fighting for those of us who feel ignored.” – Jeannette Wiley

  • “I love being an adopted orphan as well! You keep the hope in Nevadans alive! Keep up the good work! I say prayers that something breaks with all this soon!” – Lisa Bero

  • “You knew the job would be tough when you campaigned, and you have handled the do-nothing Democrats with grace and grit. We appreciate your thick skin and willingness to tackle the subjects others want to sweep under the rug.” – Ken Anacker
  • “Don’t get disheartened! Stay strong! I know there will be days that you will feel like you are standing alone. Never doubt that we are supporting you.” – Janet Baccus

  • “We know you are very busy and we are just glad to have someone like you who actually listens to the citizens of Nevada. It’s been a long time since we had someone in the Legislature who listens to our suggestions and complaints.” – Dave Warren

  • “Thanks, Annie! Always read and forward your e-Annie Grams to all my friends, family and do-nothing politicians in the city, county, state and feds. Yes, we are damn proud of what you are doing for those other Nevadans who don’t care, but can sure complain!” – Bill & Carla Shuster

  • “Thanks so much for just being You! We need hundreds more just like you. It seems once someone is elected after promising to be ‘for everyone’, they promptly forget all about us ‘little people’. Don’t ever stop!!” – Chris Penn

  • “You are working tirelessly for ALL Nevadans and already have thousands of loyal supporters. I’m honored that you have time to respond personally to any of us. The Democrats haven’t figured out yet that harassment won’t work with you and that you are a rare bird who has the courage to stand up to them!” – Francine Huffman

  • “The good news is that you have the spirit and the drive, young lady! They will try to beat you down but I sense you have the ability to survive that.  I love that about you and will pray for your strength in your ambitious undertakings.” – Linda Cuddy Stieber

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information and subscribe to her AnnieGram newsletter by visiting www.AnnieBlack.net

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Kenny April 2, 2021 - 3:57 pm

Hold the line. Thank you for your hard work.

Valerie Fiannaca April 2, 2021 - 5:43 pm

Thank you for your courage, Annie! Hold the kJ e, lean into the fight, and know that you have an army if warriors praying for you….even if we are not in your district. You are fighting for our very survival and they know it; that is why they are fighting back so hard and trying to silence you.

Mary Kishpaugh April 2, 2021 - 8:43 pm

We need your voice. These communist liberals have lost a sense of direction of where we came from and who we are not only as Nevadan but as Americans.
I’ve watched these pushy legislators as they have muscled their way into power and shoved their liberal thoughts ahead.
It only has hurt women and families but they are so consumed with their own power they don’t stop to contemplate the truth. They are ruthless for more power. They are not for the good of the state of Nevada.
We need you Annie Black. We need more legislators willing to stand up to Bully’s that have had years to learn how to intimidate and bully.


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