A Special Message of Apology to My “Adopted” Constituents

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – I know John Wayne said, “Never apologize, it’s a sign of weakness.”  But I feel I owe one to many of you who have been emailing me the last several weeks.

You see, when I wrote back on February 9th that I wanted to “adopt” Nevadans who didn’t think they were being properly represented by their elected legislators, I had no idea how many conservative “orphans” there were all over our state.

Maybe I should have.

I remember a conversation I had recently with a GOP colleague who said they never respond to emails from anyone who doesn’t live in their district.  I’m sure that dramatically cuts down on the emails they answer, but doesn’t seem right to me.

After all, the laws we in the Legislature pass affect ALL Nevadans.

Anyway, in response to my “adoption” offer I was FLOODED with emails.  But that’s a GOOD thing.  I LOVE hearing from people across the state and have learned about problems and concerns I otherwise wouldn’t know about.

So keep ‘em coming!

Unfortunately, however, the Democrat leaders who have kept the public locked out of the legislative building also refused to allow me to hire an administrative assistant to work out of my office.  So I got WAY behind in responding to you.

Finally started catching up yesterday.  And hope to be faster and more responsive to you from here on out.  I apologize for the delay and didn’t want y’all to think I was just blowing you off.

Now, a word about what’s going on here in the Carson City swamp…

While Democrats continue to refuse to hear my bill to IMMEDIATELY terminate Gov. Sisolak’s “Declaration of Emergency” and re-open the state 100%, committees have had time to a hear a bunch of other “important” issues over the past couple of days…

  • Hearing on birthing centers
  • Hearing on allowing people to eat roadkill
  • Hearing on HOA board voting
  • Hearing on declawing cats

That last one is typical liberal lunacy: It’s inhumane to declaw a cat but it’s perfectly OK to chemically castrate a child if a parent wants to change their gender?  Can’t make this stuff up.

If all this sounds bad – and it is – trust me, it’s actually worse.  A lot worse.

And, sadly, too many of my GOP colleagues are just rolling with the punches and going along to get along.

Minority Leader Robin Titus complained in an op-ed today that “we are halfway done with the 81st legislative session and have had zero Republican bills voted on the Assembly floor.”

She also complained in an April Fool’s Day video this morning about the building not being open.

But what is she DOING about it?

I’m just a “caucus of one.”  Or as Steve Sebelius of the Las Vegas Review-Journal good-naturedly put it, “Political Orphan Annie.”  But I’m on the floor of the Assembly fighting for YOU – including my “adopted” constituents – every day.

On the other hand, Ms. Titus is the Assembly Republican LEADER.  She has power, tools and leverage at her disposal that I could only dream about as a freshman legislator.  If she’s not going to lead as the leader of an opposition party…maybe it’s time for a new leader?

I’m just saying.

P.S.  Because I’m finally getting caught up on my emails, today’s AnnieGram Mailbag is filled to the brim.  Thank you for all your kind words!  Your support means so much. Whenever I get frustrated, your notes remind me why I came to Carson City in the first place.

Have a great Easter weekend, everyone!

From the AnnieGram Mailbag

  • “I love being one of your ‘adopted’ constituents. Thanks for the heads up on these matters.” – Ken Brown

  • “Annie: You were the ONLY representative in Nevada who responded to my emails pleading to try to get legislative action on the election fraud. You are a pistol and you’re doing everything right.  You’re not only representing your constituents; you’re representing those ignored in Nevada.  Keep it up.  Do not ever think you’re not appreciated because you are!” – Jennifer Hall

  • “A quick note to say that, while you do not represent my district, I am proud that you are representing other Nevadans in the legislature. Keep fighting!” – David Thiel

  • “Thank you for your updates and fighting for Nevadans. I continue to call Minority Leader Robin Titus ‘Leader in Name Only’. Although I live in Las Vegas, I do appreciate receiving your updates.” – Robert Pratt

  • “Dear Annie: You are so refreshing! I appreciate everything you are doing for Nevadans. I am a resident of Reno and I’m honored to be on your mailing list. Wanted to give you a shout out in your courageous and bold efforts to stand up for the fine people who live and work in Nevada.” – Christine Pasciuti

  • “Thank you for fighting, for having the courage to stand up and do the right thing, the lawful thing, the constitutional thing. You have my full support, even though I live in Storey County!” – Signa Pendegraft

  • “I read all of your ‘Anniegrams’ that I get in my inbox. You definitely represent my point of view! Keep pushing and working hard. I have never had a representative so determined to work for their constituents like you do.  Thank you!” – Bryan Baird

  • “You are Awesome, Annie! Had it not been for you, none of us would have written emails or made phone calls in support of your bill. Your persistence is paying off and your colleagues in the state legislature are learning that you are a force to be reckoned with!” – Francine Huffman

  • “You are the only person that makes me feel not alone in this battle and I believe that we are going to win the WAR. But yes the battles are going to be many. Keep sending those emails cuz whenever I can help I will.” – Gale de leeuw

  • “I know you are a busy lady but I want to tell you how much I appreciate the emails you send about what’s going on in the Legislature. I LOVE the ANNIE GRAMS. Keep kickin’ butt!  We are all with you.” – Pamela Pierson

  • “Hang in there and keep throwing punches Annie!” – Stacey Rauh

  • “OMG, you’re one BRAVE woman. These people are evil.  And the Republicans still spineless as we know.  But KUDOS to you my friend for being there and fighting for us.  We DO APPRECIATE IT AND FEEL FOR YOU!!” – Debbie Landry

  • “I’m so grateful for your efforts. Thank you. Keep it up. The real patriots and families and business owners support you.” – Nancy Jones

  • “Your attitude and your willingness to overcome the many odds is what makes you an outstanding representative of this state. Please keep doing what you are doing.” – Pat White

  • “Thanking all that is good. Your style is to be seen AND heard! So glad you’ve got our backs, Annie.” – Denise Vaughn

  • “You are the shot in the arm that do-nothing Legislature needed in Nevada. But what were the rest of the Republicans doing? Going along to get along doesn’t work, and has caused the state to fail. Keep up the good work, Annie. It’s an open road because no other Republican has been brave enough to do what you are doing!” – Linda Cannon

  • “If Nevada’s elected Republicans had even half your grit, we as citizens would see a change. Whose pockets are they in? Thanks Annie. There is no doubt you are the people’s choice.” – Brent Moorhead

  • “Robin Titus has fallen into line with the Socialists, and as MY Assemblywoman, I cannot support her any longer. I understand that she will be campaigning for Senator Settelmeyer’s seat in the Senate in the next election. Perhaps we can get another person with cajones, like you, to fill her seat.  Keep up the fight Annie.  We need you!!” – Barney Wadley

  • “You are great Annie and we love you for it! Finally a voice and a spirit to match in the State Assembly.  Are none of the Republican colleagues backing you? Keep up the good fight.” – K Johnson

  • “Thank You! You are doing a great job I only wish the other spineless Republicans would get a back bone and stand up to these despicable Democrats.” – Maria DeMeo

  • “Annie: You are awesome. Thanks for all you do and for representing truth for the families of Nevada. I admire your determination. You motivate me to do the same. Keep up the good fight.” – Charles Williams

  • “Dear Annie: You have been a breath of fresh air Mesquite really, really needs in office. You are a rare politician in that prior to the election you openly told us what your platform was in its entirety.   Most say what people want to hear, depending on their audience.  I know your path will be difficult, but please never forget how many of us are behind you as you go along.  We pray for you to have the strength you need and your family as well.” – David R. Tait

  • “Thanks for standing up for us Annie. Please keep fighting for us.  I’m now a fan of yours!  Thanks much.” – Brian Hamilton

  • “Thanks for fighting for us! You’re the BEST at what you do and you’re doing exactly what you were meant to for our great State.” – Carol Sue

  • “We are so thankful for everything you’re doing. There is no Doubt in our minds that you were the right person for the job. We are proud to share your emails with all our friends here in Nevada. With your leadership we can make Nevada Great Again!” – Steve & Christina Balek

  • “I continue to fight back as you do and am so thankful for your work and passion to keep this a free country. I pray for you daily and ask God to give you strength, courage and boldness to stay in the fight and I know you will.  You are the best!!  So glad you’re there!!” – Steve Phillips

  • “First off, thank you for your never-ending fight for the rights of Nevadans. It’s time to name the Republican assembly members (RINOs) who don’t support the people of Nevada and work with the socialist democrats who try to ruin this state. They need to be primaried with true Republicans, not RINOs!  Keep up the good work.” – Rick Crain


“True fact: the FEC now requires the AP (Associated Press) to print, at the bottom of every story, ‘I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message.’” – Sen. Ted Cruz

“Joe Biden’s $2.5 trillion infrastructure spending bill is only off by about, oh, $2.5 trillion. For those public works projects that are truly ‘public’ the state and local governments should lead, not Uncle Sam. There is no reason why someone living in Montana should have to pay for the New York subway system.” – Steve Moore, Committee to Unleash Prosperity

“DISGRACEFUL! Some Nevada unemployment claimants getting locked out of accounts. The nincompoops at @DetrNevada have had over a year & they still don’t have a clue! @GovSisolak needs to fire all top managers! Bozo the Clown would be better!” – Bruce Feher

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information by visiting www.electannieblack.com 

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