The Brutal Reality “Killer Coddlers” Don’t Want You to Remember

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson announced this week that he was moving forward with scheduling the execution of death row inmate Zane Floyd as legislators mull a pair of bills to abolish capital punishment in Nevada.

“Our legislative leaders should recognize that there are some people who commit such heinous acts,” Wolfson told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in an interview on Friday, “whether it be the particular type of murder or the number of people killed, that this community has long felt should receive the death penalty.”

And the Killer Coddlers are having a cow over it.

“Doing that with someone’s life is inappropriate,” former federal public defender Franny Forsman bemoaned.

Inappropriate with someone’s life?  Seriously?

Wanna talk about doing something “inappropriate” with people’s lives?  Let’s look back at what Floyd did to get on death row in the first place…

Early in the morning of June 3rd, 1999, Floyd summoned a young woman, Tracie Carter, from an escort service to his home.   Police reported that “as soon as she walked in the door (Floyd) grabbed her, handcuffed and taped her, then raped and sodomized her.”

Afterwards, Floyd walked to a neighborhood grocery store in Las Vegas and executed four complete strangers at random with a 12-gauge shotgun he had hidden under his robe.

He shot Thomas Darnell, a mentally disabled man who was organizing shopping carts, in the back twice before shooting and killing Chuck Leos in the neck and face.  Then Dennis Sargeant, who left behind a 6-year-old son.

Floyd next shot 60-year-old Lucille Tarantino – a grandmother who begged Floyd for her life – in the head at point-blank range. “I looked right at her,” he confessed after his arrest, “and I just, I just, just blew her head apart.”

Floyd then chased down and critically injured a fifth victim, 21-year-old Zachary Emenegger, who only survived by pretending he was dead on the floor.

Doing THAT to the lives of those six people is FAR more than “inappropriate.”

The rampage took only seven minutes, and Floyd was arrested outside the store as he tried to flee.  After his arrest he confessed to a detective: “Call me crazy, psychotic, whatever. I’ve just always wanted to know what it’s like to shoot someone.”

If you have the stomach for it, you can watch video clips of the rampage, including Floyd hunting down Mr. Emenegger in the store.  Click here.

Zane Floyd brutally gave four innocent people the death penalty that day.

He should get the same.  And the sooner the better.

From the AnnieGram Mailbag

  • “Keep the death penalty, make them pay for their crime. Don’t honor them or let them get away with what they have done. Let them know there is a price to pay.” – Bob Terhune
  • “Why would you pay for all these killers to get healthcare, food and TV for life? Keep (the death penalty) and use it.” – Brian Murphy
  • “I support the death penalty especially for those who murder children.” – Frederick Bianchi
  • “Start using it. Let’s move to firing squad.” – John Gabriel


“Zane Floyd began chasing his panicking victims. One by one, workers were shot at close range as they fled for their lives, their blood smearing the polished aisles of the Albertsons store.” – CBS News, 6/3/99

“We could see the gunman walking by, a deliberate, quiet walk, sweeping the gun from side to side, like a hunter stalking his prey. … He just wanted to kill people.  I thought I was dead. God, I thought I was dead.” – Unnamed witness to the Zane Floyd massacre

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information by visiting 

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Robert Whitten March 27, 2021 - 11:59 am

Keep the death penalty. Why wait 22 years. No reason to wait once the appeals are done.


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