The People Have Spoken: Repeal State Biz License!

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – Seems I hit a raw nerve!

Last week, I asked your opinion on the idea of completely repealing the state business license.  The responses have been overwhelmingly in favor (see a sampling below in the AnnieGram Mailbag).

Only four other states require a state business license…and Nevada’s fee is the highest.

The revenue generated by this tax/fee is relatively small … especially when compared to how Gov. Sisolak has “weaponized” the state business license to force compliance with some of his more ridiculous COVID-related “emergency” directives.

Such as REQUIRING a reservation to eat in a restaurant (as if the virus knows who has a reservation and who doesn’t).

AB120 was originally drafted to exempt businesses that make $400,000 or less from the state business license.  But after hearing from you on his issue, I now plan to amend the bill to eliminate this burdensome pain-in-the-neck government license once and for all.

The list of people who have signed up to be “Citizen Co-sponsors” of AB120 has now been updated.  You can still add your name by clicking here.

From the AnnieGram Mailbag

  • “I agree, Annie. The business tax should be repealed for all businesses, regardless of size.” – James Shedd

  • “I think it’s discriminatory to make some pay. It’s all or none pay.  I’m for no one paying.  We absolutely do not need a state license.” – Amy Groves

  • “Hi Annie. Just read your email about eliminating the business license fee for small businesses…or even better, all businesses. Thank you for putting this info out there clearly so people can understand what this idiot Sisolak is doing to abuse power. I have a small business and would love for this to go away.” – Marcella

  • “Annie, definitely time to repeal business license tax. At least something to work toward.” – Darla Lee

  • “This has been a tool that has kept my friend’s business captive in fear of losing the very business which supports not only them but others within our community by the threat of losing their license or the huge fines they have been threatened with.” – Darlene Gaston

  • “Assemblywoman Black, I hope you are able to get this through.” – Pete Falger

  • “A few years ago, a friend and I started a hobby business selling motorcycle parts and accessories. One of the prime reasons for closing was the increase in the state business license fee.” – Kenneth Brown

  • “I’m in complete agreement with you Annie! The little guy always, always gets hurt by these idiotic politicians while letting the major corporations get away with anything and everything!  We need to start standing up for ourselves, otherwise the big guys will walk all over us!” – Sue Sullivan

  • “I am all for eliminating the business license requirement.” – Kevin Knapp

  • “Dear Annie, I agree all business licenses should be done away with. That piece of paper is an authorization for the government to run your business and no one has the right to tell you how to run your business as long as you are not harming anyone.  You are definitely on the right track and you have my support.” – Craig Schmidt

  • “REPEAL!! Brilliant move.  Totally with you on this one.” – Ann DeBaufre

  • “Notwithstanding that Nevada is only one of 5 states with a state business tax, this permit/tax/fee is extremely unfair and political in that a state governor has the power to revoke a business license at will. Your bill makes 100% sense and we support you.” – Bill & Lynn Thornhill

  • “This is so wrong in so many ways. Just another overreach of his powers.” – Diane Senif

  • “I support your proposed removal of the business licensing fee/tax for both small and large businesses.” – Thomas Carmichael

  • “Small businesses should be exempt from filing or paying this tax. Who is more downtrodden than a small business owner hanging on by an economic thread, with grim prospects for survival?” – Fred Voltz

  • “Annie, not only is the license unfair, it gives undo power to the governor.” – John McCormick

  • “Right you are, Annie Black! I totally support the repeal of the business license fee for ALL business owners and it’s a good tool to take away some of our imbecile governor’s power.” – Teryl Asikainen

  • “Great idea. Absolutely perfect example of how this is a weapon of retaliation. I would like to start a business myself. Tough for a little guy.” – Anonymous

  • “Hi Annie. Keep up the fight.  You’re doing great!  I have several clients that want to start their own business and you’re right, the state license application is ridiculous.  Way too confusing.  We need more small businesses not less and need to stop throwing up roadblocks to aspiring new business owners.” – Don Stieler

  • “Completely agree and fully support your efforts in this critical matter.” – Dennis Broska

  • “AB 120 makes sense in multiple ways. Bringing companies to Nevada will bring much more revenue than the biz license. Let’s make Nevada business friendly!” – Lee Verling

  • “Dear Annie, I am with you 100% in the complete elimination of NV business licenses and fees.
  • This is pure genius! I want to see NV businesses open full capacity as of yesterday.  They don’t need the hardships that Sisolak continues to create.  Do it, strip him if his powers! – Janice Jones

  • “Sisolak needs to be stripped of his emergency powers ASAP. Enough already.” – Mary Pfeiffer

  • “Sisolak is not our state leader; he is our elected public servant. We the people through the legislature need to take away anything he is using that continues this crippling of our people, our state.” – Vicki Arnold

  • “Being a former business owner, I applaud your efforts. I wish someone would have done it years ago!!” – Kerry Noble

  • “I agree with you that Sisolak has too much power. I would call it drunk on power.” – Jan Pantone

  • “You are spot on. We, as voters, definitely found a true gem in all of this diabolical so-called ‘leadership.’  Thank you for truly representing us.” – Jim H.

  • “I think it’s a great idea, however, make sure that it is based on NET income and not gross receipts. Keep doing what you’re doing, and thank you!” – Jennifer (Arton) Tegnerud

  • “Please carry on the fight. Please keep us updated.  There is much that needs to be done.  You only win a war by winning one battle at a time.” – Dennis Biggs

  • “Hi Annie. I support any efforts you take in the legislature to eliminate the State Business Tax and encourage you to take steps to do so.” – Meg Ghera

  • “Hi, Annie. Go get ‘em!  You have our support.” – Carol and Gordy Shepherd

  • “First off thank you for your outstanding representation of our district. It is finally time to say I’m proud to be from Assembly District 19. The stupid business tax should be repealed and should’ve never been put into law in the first place. Thank you for taking it head on!” – Rick Crain

  • “I wholeheartedly agree with your reasoning for the repeal, Annie!! And it is so much appreciated to have you, as a dedicated and hands-on patriot, in our Legislature.” – Tom Morris


“Yesterday, February 21, was a grim anniversary.  It was just a year ago that Italy’s government did something no democracy had ever done before.  Something that the World Health Organization had expressly recommended against only four months earlier. But which within the space of just a few weeks suddenly became the universal and unassailable ‘scientific’ response to the Coronavirus pandemic: quarantine entire populations, not just the vulnerable.” – Steven Moore, Committee to Unleash Prosperity

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information by visiting 

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