Time to Repeal “Weaponized” Biz License in Nevada?

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – There are 50 states.  And of those 50 states, only five penalize businesses by forcing them to pay for a state business license.  Nevada is one of them.  And charges the highest fee/penalty/tax.

A bill I’ve introduced, the “Emergency Small Business Relief Act” (AB120), would exempt small businesses that make less than $400,000 a year from paying for a state business license.

SIDENOTE: The names of “Annie’s Army” supporters who have signed on as “Citizen Co-sponsors” of the bill are now published.  Click here to see your name.

But now I’m thinking of amending our bill to exempt ALL Nevada businesses from this fee.  In fact, what we really should do is repeal it altogether.

And it’s not just the money.

Even businesses that are exempt from the fee/tax still have to fill out and submit a bunch of paperwork that is, at best, confusing.  And definitely time-consuming.  Time that could be better spent growing the business and hiring more people.

But the #SisolakShutdown has exposed an even more important reason to completely repeal this fee…

As you’ve probably read, a number of Nevada’s rural counties have passed resolutions declaring they will no longer enforce the governor’s COVID directives.  Which is a good thing.

However, because of the state’s business license requirement, the governor still has the power to revoke those state business licenses for any business that fails to comply.

So the state business license isn’t just an unnecessary expense and annoying example of useless red tape, it’s a Damocles Sword the governor is holding over the heads of every business owner in the state.

Gov. Sisolak has clearly abused his “emergency” powers.  And he’s weaponized the state business license to force people to submit to his dictatorial decrees.

When children play with a dangerous toy, we take the toy away from them.

I think it’s time to do the same to Gov. Sisolak by taking away his ability to use the state business license as a tool for forcing compliance with his unconstitutional orders.

What do you think?  Shoot me an email: Annie.Black@asm.state.nv.us


“The New York State Senate is poised to strip Gov. Andrew Cuomo of some of his emergency pandemic powers and add an oversight commission to review the decisions the governor makes. … The legislature gave Cuomo the emergency powers nearly a year ago, in early March 2020. But now, many say it’s time to end them.

“Senator Alessandra Biaggi is the sponsor of a bill that would rescind the special authority granted to Cuomo. She said while it made sense to have one person making quick decisions in the chaotic early days of the pandemic, it’s outlived its usefulness.” – Karen DeWitt, NCPR, 2/18/21

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information by visiting www.electannieblack.com 

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