About Thursday’s Black Lives Matter Protest in Mesquite

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – According to a Facebook post on Monday, Black Lives Matter is planning a protest march in Mesquite for Thursday afternoon.

The anonymous organizers advertise that “we will be walking all the way down the blvd!!  so remember to bring water and sunscreen!!!”

Their flyer proclaims “This Is a Peaceful Protest,” but warns participants to “wear your masks and cover your face or tattoos or anything else that can get traced back to you.”

In response, Bob Bodeman wrote on Facebook, “I wonder if they have a permit to shut the Blvd down like we get for parades.”

To which Mesquite city council candidate Karen Fielding wrote…

“So true, I got a permit for the graduation parade.  Because it’s required.  You also need a permit to protest or rally.  Just wondering if Annie will be leading this without a permit.”

Apparently, Karen thinks “Black Lives Matter” means me, Annie Black!

How embarrassing.

Seems Karen and a few others are trying to link the planned “Black Lives Matter” protest to the “Reopen Nevada” rallies I organized a couple weeks ago.  But there’s a big difference.

First, the rallies themselves were staged on private property with the property owner’s consent.  So no “permit” was required.

Secondly, our rallies were car caravans.  People simply got in their cars and drove peacefully in a circle around the city, observing all traffic laws.  We did NOT shut the boulevard down.  So, again, no permit was required.

If the “Black Lives Matter” protestors want to clog the city street and block traffic, yes, they should be required to get a permit just like any other group, including Karen’s.  One set of rules equally applied to everybody.


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