Edwards Throws Temper-Tantrum Over Being Questioned by Voter

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – I was forwarded an email this morning from an Assembly District 19 voter who reached out to Assemblyman Chris Edwards on Tuesday afternoon.  Edwards’ angry reply was just jaw-dropping.

Here’s the original email sent to Chris by constituent Jim Wiggins…

“I have not decided my vote yet, but wonder why you have nothing to show for being in office for the last 6 years.  Instead of working to balance the budget, you voted to increase the spending every year?  Why didn’t you ask for a special session when everyone is out of work because of the governor’s poor handling of the crisis?  What have you done to hold down costs?  Why are you afraid to debate?  You seem to be only around when you are running for election. Explain why I should vote for you.”

Legitimate questions from a voter, right?  But in his response, Chris lost it and had an absolutely unhinged mega-meltdown…

“You clearly haven’t done ANY research on me or my record.  You may not have even read any of my campaign information. You are wrong on pretty much everything you wrote.”

So much for “How to Win Friends and Influence People”!

Edwards continued…

“Perhaps you didn’t know the Dems have been in charge of spending in the last 2 sessions.  Republicans have not had enough members to stop their budget increases.”

Now, this is what we call “a lie of omission.”

Yes, it’s true that Republicans have been in the minority and didn’t have the votes to stop the Democrats’ reckless budget hikes.  HOWEVER, here’s the part he left out…

That doesn’t mean he had to vote for them!

He could have voted “no” – just as I have as a city councilwoman when I disagreed with the majority.  I can’t tell you how many 4-1 votes there’ve been.

If a billion-dollar budget increase was wrong, he should have voted “no.”  Instead he voted “yes.”  That is NOT the vote of a supposed fiscal conservative.

Edwards continued his rant…

“Perhaps you are unaware that the GOVERNOR usually calls for a special session?  The legislature can call itself into special session.  Again, the Dems control the legislature. They are not going to oppose the Dem GOV. … Not a very smart plan there Jim.  I don’t think you thought that one through.”

Could he possibly be any more condescending?

But here’s the thing: Right now Democrat legislators are hiding behind Gov. Sisolak.  As long as he’s calling all the shots, they have no responsibility.  That’s not right.

They were elected to represent the citizens of their districts, especially at a time like this.  No governor should have unlimited power for an unlimited period of time.  Important decisions that should be made by the ENTIRE Legislature have been left in one man’s hands.

Every legislator should be ON RECORD either supporting the governor’s decisions to shut our state down and destroy our economy or opposing them.  Or coming up with alternatives.  That’s what they were elected to do.  To duck that responsibility is just plain cowardly.

Of course, admittedly, being in the minority Chris doesn’t have the power to call a Special Session.  But he HAS had the power to speak up and call FOR a Special Session.  That’s what he’s supposed to do as our representative.

Instead he’s remained mute.  Just went along to go along.  It’s a dereliction of duty.

Chris then continued with his temper-tantrum…

“Your insinuation that I am ‘afraid’ to debate is nonsense.  What are you…in second grade?  Try something else…something more mature.”


I’ve been challenging Chris to debate since the day I filed to run against him back in March.  He doesn’t even respond.  Absolutely, he’s afraid to debate me.  And with his record in office, I guess I really can’t blame him.  I’d make mincemeat out of the guy.

Edwards’ scolding continued…

“Maybe you only see me around elections cause YOU don’t pay attention.  You’ve obviously missed my numerous visits.  Perhaps I should ask where have YOU been hiding?  Do YOU only pay attention at election time and never else?  Then don’t blame me for you not doing your part.  Take responsibility for your lack of civic duty.”

Talk about blaming the messenger.

The fact is, you can’t sign up to get an email newsletter from him on his website because…he doesn’t put one out.  Never has.  And he rarely ever posted anything on social media – other than vacation photos – until I filed to run against him.

And I’m not aware of a single town hall meeting he’s held in the six years he’s been in office.

Look, I understand why this gets under his thin-skin.  But there’s a reason he’s called “The Invisible Man.”  No one can find him.  No one knows where he is.  No one knows where he’s going to be.

In fact, as you’ll see below, no one even knows if he actually lives in Assembly District 19!

Chris concluded his rant…

“You can vote for me or Annie.  I only expect you to do your homework so you can make an informed decision.  Ball is in your court.”

Indeed, it is.  On this we agree.

If this Chris Edwards guy – who obviously doesn’t take criticism very well – is who you want representing you in Carson City, vote for Chris Edwards.

But if you want better representation by someone who will keep you informed (hello, AnnieGrams!) and not hide from or lash out at you, vote for Annie Black.

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Lenise Lengyel June 4, 2020 - 5:27 pm

This guy needs to prove alot of what you just said. ……..I’m betting he can’t.
He certainly is “INVISIBLE”
As for me, I would not vote for someone who casts so many stones.


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