Invisible Man Mystery: Where Does Chris Edwards Live?

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – There is increasing doubt as to whether my opponent, Assemblyman Chris Edwards, even lives in District 19 any longer (if he ever really did).

The only address he lists on his campaign website is a P.O. box.

Good luck finding him there, constituents.

And the address where he *claims* he lives on his most recent Financial Disclosure Statement – 139 La Mirada Drive in Henderson – is actually occupied by a couple who, conveniently, are also major donors to his campaign.

Seems fishy.

But wait, there’s more…

When a voter stopped by the La Mirada house a couple weeks ago and asked for Edwards, the man who answered the door – I assume Chris’ donor –  got defensive, demanded to know why he was asking for Chris, refused to say if Chris lived there, told the voter to call Chris…and slammed the door shut.

Even fishier.

So if he doesn’t live on La Mirada where he says he lives, where exactly DOES he live?

Chris’ 2020 Financial Disclosure Statement says he owns a home on 984 Country Skies in Las Vegas.  But he doesn’t appear to be living there either.  PLUS it’s not in the district if he does.

His 2019 Financial Disclosure Statement says he lived at 6088 Riflecrest Avenue in Las Vegas.  But he doesn’t seem to live there any longer.

His 2018 Financial Disclosure Statement says he owned a house at 9309 Copper Bay in Las Vegas, outside of District 19.  But he doesn’t appear to live there.

His 2016 Financial Disclosure Statement says he owned a home at 4500 Charles Ronald Avenue in Las Vegas, outside of District 19.  But he doesn’t appear to be living there either.

It’s almost as if the guy’s in a witness protection program or hiding from SEAL Team Six.  No wonder I call him “The Invisible Man.”

Does he even live in the same community as his constituents?  How are you supposed to find him?

If anyone knows where Chris Edwards really lives, give me a call on my personal cell: (702) 872-2222.

From the AnnieGram Mailbag

“In Logandale the other day and I had to laugh. Your sign stood tall and proud and Edwards’ sign lay half on the ground. I guess even his signs lack a backbone.” – Brian Burris

“You have a GREAT platform.  Everyone is aware of it. I could not believe the BS I got in the mail. A flyer for the invisible man (Chris Edwards).  All he did was downgrade you and of course NO platform.” – Tara Hancock

“I love how forthright you are about where you stand! I know that you are honest in what you say and how hard you will fight! You have my vote!” – Rachel Browning

“Damn, Annie, you are nailing this guy to the wall! Way to go! You have my support 1000%.” – Dak Cave

“It isn’t a surprise that those things you are recommending are catching the eye and ear of so many. We have friends from Overton who have never met you and they have chosen to follow the fire, grit, and determination that you bring to this election.  Honesty, integrity, determination, and zeal are not seen as a weakness. These are qualities we as a people see in Annie Black.  It’s time.  It is time to put courage back in our elected public offices.” – William Brent Moorhead

“In a sea of silence when Nevadans need leadership, Annie Black steps forward. We need Annie in the Legislature to counter the Governor’s failed policies and keep everyone focused on economic recovery.” – Rudy Pamintuan

“He (Chris Edwards) will look you in the face and straight outright LIE to you.” – John White

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