AnnieTV: Floor Statement on DETR Debacle

Mr. Speaker,

Tens of thousands of Nevadans have been out of work for over a year now due to the governor’s shutdown.  Inexcusably, many STILL have not received their unemployment benefits.

I received an email on Monday from a constituent who reports that it took her over an hour for DETR to accept her documents and selfie online so she could file her claim.

However, DETR is STILL not accepting her husband’s claim even though he has provided scanned and uploaded photo-copies of his driver’s license and passport through

It’s bad enough that tech-savvy Nevadans are STILL having these problems.

But what about senior citizens and low-income Nevadans who don’t have computers or cell phones that can scan documents and provide selfies?

As the constituent wrote to me – quote – “DETR has had over a year to get their act together and failed.  They only succeeded in making it harder for eligible claimants to get their benefits.  What a disgrace.”

I agree.

When will this body stop accepting the mountain of excuses DETR keeps giving us for this inexcusable failure and hold someone accountable to the pain and misery it’s causing so many Nevadans who are suffering through no fault of their own?

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

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