AP: Incoming GOP assemblywoman defects

by Annie Black
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(Sam Metz and Michelle L. Price | Associated Press) – Both parties will return to the Nevada Legislature with unchanged leadership in 2021, after Republicans and Democrats reelected lawmakers to top positions in the state Senate and Assembly. …

After the caucuses announced the leadership decision, incoming Assemblywoman Annie Black, a Republican from Mesquite, said she would not join the Republican caucus in the upcoming legislative session. Black, who unseated Republican Assemblyman Chris Edwards in the June primary, said she planned to vote according to her conservative principles, but will navigate Carson City as an independent member.

Black also took issue with caucus rules she was asked to agree to, which include guidelines for speaking to the press. The guidelines, Black said, demanded caucus members not criticize each other or talk to media about caucus discussions.

“I can’t agree to that. If a fellow GOP caucus member, say, votes to raise your taxes, they’ll need to be called out for it. By name,” Black said in a press release on Wednesday.

With Black’s defection, the Assembly will be made up of 26 Democrats, 15 Republicans and one caucus-less lawmaker. Democrats will enjoy a 12-9 majority in the state Senate. To approve tax increase proposals, two-thirds of both chambers must vote in favor of them.

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