I Wonder if THESE Republicans Will Now Be Censured?

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – Way back on November 18, 2020…what seems like an eternity ago…I made the decision not to join Republican Assembly Caucus.  The truth is, I saw the writing on the wall.

Here’s part of what I wrote explaining my decision…

“At the caucus meeting on Friday, the leadership team gave us a set of ‘rules’ they wanted me to sign and agree to follow.  But with all due respect, I don’t answer to them; I answer to the voters who elected me.

“The rules include a ‘Confidentiality’ clause prohibiting me from publicly criticizing other members ‘by name.’  I can’t agree to that.  If a fellow GOP caucus member, say, votes to raise your taxes, they’ll need to be called out for it.  By name.”

And with that in mind…

For what remains some unfathomable reason, GOP Minority Leader Robin Titus appointed the two most liberal Assembly Republicans to be her assistant minority leaders: Assemblywoman Jill Tolles (Reno) and Assemblyman Tom Roberts (Las Vegas).

It was crystal clear to me, even way back then, that no good could come of that and I wanted no part of it.  Sadly, I was proven correct…including the final “sell-out” and slap in the face to Nevada Republicans on the last day of the session.

Being in the minority in the Assembly, the ONLY bills we had the numbers to stop were tax hike bills that required a 2/3 super-majority for passage.  And one of the last bills to come up before the end of the session last night was AB495.

AB495 was a monster tax hike on Nevada’s mining industry despite the state swimming in cash thanks to the Blue State Bailout ($4.3 billion) and surplus tax revenue ($500 million) due to the state recovering from the Sisolak Shutdown faster than predicted.

Worse, revenue from the mining tax hike will be earmarked for the black hole known as our public school system.

Now, the ONLY way for this massive new tax hike to pass was if the Democrats were able to get two Republicans to sell out and vote for it in the Assembly.  They did.  And yes, I’m calling them out.  By name…

Jill Tolles and Tom Roberts.

This session didn’t have to be anywhere near as bad as it was.  Republicans could have fought harder and smarter.  They didn’t.  They rolled over.  They went along to get along.

And while Ms. Tolles and Mr. Roberts were the ultimate sell-outs, this was an absolute failure by Minority Leader Titus who put the pair in top leadership positions over the objections of the conservative members of the caucus.

If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’re gonna keep getting what we’ve always gotten…


And with that…

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* Remember, when it comes to Democrats, it’s never enough.  Despite approving a half-billion dollars for the public school system in Nevada, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported this morning that Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson said “it’s just the start of the push to find money for public education in Nevada.”

* The behind-the-scenes shenanigans surrounding passage of the mining tax involved the teachers’ union.  No surprise.  And one of the lead lobbyists fighting for the tax hike was former RINO State Sen. Michael Roberson.  Again, no surprise.

* The Democrats’ mining tax hike also needed at least two GOP votes in the State Senate.  They got four: Heidi Gansert, Ben Kieckhefer, Keith Pickard and Scott Hammond.

* There was another 2/3 bill Republicans could have stopped on the final day of the session.  AB492 was the $15 million Capital Improvement Projects bill.  It passed with NINE Republican votes in the Assembly: Greg Hafen, Alexis Hansen, Melissa Hardy, Heidi Kasama, Lisa Krasner, Glen Leavitt, P.K. O’Neill and, of course, Tom Roberts and Jill Tolles.

* For the record: What did Republicans get for selling out and voting for AB495 and AB492?  Table scraps.  The Democrats got the gold mine – including ballot harvesting, permanent mail-in balloting and CannizzaroCare.  Republicans got the shaft.


“In order to avoid the passage of the 3 Constitutional Amendments increasing mining taxes 384%, the mines were blackmailed into accepting the poison of AB495. It earmarks the money from AB495 to go to support our failed and failing government schools in an attempt to harm those who voted against more money for our government indoctrination centers. With the votes from RINO’s in the Assembly and Senate it passed.” – Janine Hansen, Nevada Families


“Taking advice on party building from (former GOP Congressman) Paul Ryan would be like taking advice on how to interact with your in-laws from Meghan Markle.” – Rep. Matt Gaetz

“We didn’t think any president could be as fiscally reckless as Obama, and then along came Biden…” – Committee to Unleash Prosperity

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information and subscribe to her AnnieGram newsletter by visiting www.AnnieBlack.net

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