Motion to Open Up the Legislature SHUT DOWN without a Vote

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – On Tuesday morning, Colton Lochhead of the Las Vegas Review-Journal tweeted…

“Some fireworks on the Assembly floor just now. Freshman GOP Assemblywoman Annie Black was speaking about why she believes the NV Legislature building should be reopened to the public, and then called for a motion to reopen the building, seconded by Assemblyman Jim Wheeler.”

The only other legislator who voiced support for my motion was Assemblyman John Ellison.

Apparently stunned, Speaker Pro Tem Steve Yeager immediately called for a recess.  When he returned, he simply ignored the motion and moved on.  You can watch the 2.5-minute video of the exchange here…

Casinos in Nevada are open.  Thousands of fans are watching the Golden Knights hockey games in person again.  Restaurants are open.  Bars are open.  Walmart’s open. So are Target and Costco.  And grocery stores.  And drug stores.  And convenience stores.  And malls.  And hair salons.  And tattoo shops.

Heck, even our schools are starting to re-open (no thanks to the teachers’ unions).

In fact, the only buildings not open to the public right now are brothels and the Nevada Legislature (insert your own joke here).

Many states never shut down and never issued a mandatory mask order.  Two states, Texas and Mississippi, rescinded their mask orders this week and are re-opening their states at 100% capacity.

Yet the people of Nevada still can’t get into The People’s House.  This is wrong.

How wrong?

Over 60 grassroots organizations representing citizens of Nevada – conservative, liberal and everything in between – submitted a letter last week calling on the Legislature to open the building under the same precautions every other business is operating under.

If legislators want to keep you out of the building, the least they could do is VOTE on it so you would know exactly who voted to keep the doors padlocked and who voted to open the doors and let you in.

That’s all my motion did.  It called for your elected representatives to take a stand…one way or the other.  But Mr. Yeager, clearly fearing such a vote, ruled my motion was out of order; citing a rule the Democrat majority broke just last week on another issue!

What’s the sense in having rules if the ruling party can just ignore them?

And if they think I’m going to quit, they don’t know Annie Black.

Yesterday I filed a challenge to Mr. Yeager’s ruling with the Chief Clerk of the Assembly.  And I’ll be back tomorrow with the same motion.  And the day after that.  And every day thereafter calling on my colleagues to vote on re-opening the building or keeping you out.

You deserve that vote.  You’re entitled to that vote.

Open the building and let our people in!

From the AnnieGram Mailbag

  • “Thank you for doing this, the people deserve to be heard.” – L. Greenberg, M.D.
  • “Stay with it, Annie!” – Vic Schoessler
  • “Keep pushing, Annie. Don’t let them ignore you! You speak for all of us.” – Sylvia Martin Lafferty
  • “Thank you, Annie Black! Keep fighting!” – Stephanie Mulcahy Gocke
  • “Thank you, Annie. Once again you are fighting for our rights.” – Robert Brown
  • “Thank you @RealAnnieBlack and @Wheeler4Nevada! Let’s open the People’s House to the People!” – Alida Benson


“There have been no instances anywhere in the country where a state was thrown into chaos because its legislative body was unable to function because of a virus breakout.” – Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial

“Members of @NVGOP are suing the Governor to #OpenTheLegislature! Obama appointed judge failed to see the urgency in this matter so we are heading to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals! It’s time to #OpenNevada.” – Nevada GOP, 3/2/21

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information by visiting 

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