No, Mr. Ford, the Election was Neither “Fair” nor “Secure”

by Annie Black
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(Annie Black) – Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford has described Nevada’s 2020 elections as “fair, secure.”  And if you buy that, I have a Nigerian diamond mine you might be interested in.

While Mr. Ford has been dismissive of GOP claims of election irregularities, especially in Clark County, an absolutely undeniable example of just how messed up the whole process was can be found in the Clark County Commission District C race.

The morning after Election Day, Republican Stavros Anthony led Democrat Ross Miller by over 2,000 votes.  But by the time the smoke cleared and the official results were announced over a week later, Miller was up…by just 10 votes.

A few days later, Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria testified before the Clark County Commission that his office had identified 139 “discrepancies” that he could neither account for nor explain nor resolve.

Fair and secure, Mr. Attorney General?

Since 139 voting discrepancies was way more than enough to affect the outcome of this race, Commissioners instructed Mr. Gloria to prepare recommendations for holding a new election.

Then Mr. Miller sued to block the new election.  And a few days later the Commission inexplicably reversed itself and “certified” Miller’s alleged election victory.  In response, Mr. Anthony had no choice but to cough up some $80,000 to pay for a recount.

Why a candidate who was the victim of self-admitted election “discrepancies” had to pay for a recount also defies explanation.

After completing the recount, the Election Department announced last week that Mr. Miller’s lead had increased to 30…but that they also “found” an additional 74 votes that hadn’t been originally counted.  They also couldn’t explain where those 74 votes came from or how.

Fair and secure, Mr. Attorney General?

A couple days later, the Election Department revised and extended their pronouncement; reporting that Mr. Miller’s new “victory” was by 15 votes and that only 7 new ballots were “found,” not 74.  Those new ballots broke 6-1 in Mr. Miller’s favor.

Fair and secure, Mr. Attorney General?

These aren’t baseless, unsubstantiated allegations of fraud by political partisans.  These “discrepancies” were reported by the Election Department itself.  The matter will now go to court where a judge should do what the county commission should have done…order a new election.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg….

The Nevada Republican Party and the Trump campaign claim to have “overwhelming” evidence that thousands upon thousands of votes were cast illegally – including votes cast by dead people, people who don’t live in Nevada (without a military or student exemption) and, yes, illegal immigrants.

On December 12th, the Nevada GOP reported…

“Under subpoena, the DMV provided a list of non-citizens who had obtained driver’s licenses. When we compared this detailed information against the county voter records, we discovered that 6,260 non-citizens were registered and 3,987 non-citizens HAD VOTED.”

Fair and secure, Mr. Attorney General?

Alas, this evidence of potentially illegal ballots was ignored by the courts on various technicalities, including…

The claim was brought too soon.  The claim was brought too late.  The claim was brought by the wrong person.  The claim was brought in the wrong jurisdiction.  The expert witnesses weren’t “expert” enough.  The sworn affidavits were “hearsay.”

Losing on technicalities is not the same as losing on the merits.

That the courts refused to examine evidence doesn’t mean the evidence doesn’t exist, no matter how many times the fake news media calls such allegations “baseless.”

And claims by election officials that they haven’t found any evidence of “widespread” voting fraud isn’t surprising when, well, they haven’t even looked.

So what do we do?  I have some ideas.  Which I’ll share in the next AnnieGram.




Assemblywoman Annie Black
Nevada Assembly District 19

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“Besides the video footage, voice recordings, data analysis, statistical impossibilities, sworn affidavits and eyewitness testimony there is absolutely no evidence of voter fraud.” – Congresswoman-Elect Lauren Boebert (R-CO)

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information by visiting

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