DMV Debacle: Another Sisolak Administration Epic Fail

(Annie Black) – It’s not just the failure of Gov. Steve Sisolak’s Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation (DETR) to process the unemployment claims from his shutdown orders that’s causing so much pain and suffering for Nevadans.

His administration’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is adding even more stress and aggravation to the everyday lives of our state’s struggling citizens.

Here are the first-person stories of two women from in front of the Mesquite DMV today.  Beyond frustrating.  Beyond acceptable. The governor needs to fix this.  Just telling people to “be patient” is no solution.

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1 thought on “DMV Debacle: Another Sisolak Administration Epic Fail”

  1. Thank you Annie for your time on July 23. I too, spoke with you as I was also in line for the second time. I arrived at 6:45 a.m. After gathering information from you at 8:30 of what was going on, (the clerk came out at 8:00 and only spoke with the first 25, which I was probably 40), you filled me in on what you had learned and allowed me to speak my disgust on how all this is being handled. I chose to leave and go back to work as adding up all the input meant I was not going to get in the door that day.
    I returned this morn July 24. I was there at 4:45 a.m. There was already at least 25 people in line. I did not even attempt today and went to work very early since I was already up. (got to say I got all caught up on warranty paperwork at the dealership being 3 hours early!!!) This is pathetic what is going on. The Nevada DMV website so states that anyone from a metro area is NOT to attempt to visit and conduct business at a rural office. Mesquite is rural.
    We are a retirement community and this is an atrocity that our elderly citizens are sitting on a sidewalk in 100++ degree weather for hours on end trying to license a vehicle or update a driver’s license. There is no reason that they are running with only one clerk. Partitions of plexiglass can be put up to keep people apart.
    Either get more staff working as there are four stations inside, or open a phone line and start scheduling by appointment only so at least we can call in, schedule, and know what time to be there. BUT, if you go to an appointment schedule, post a local number and make sure someone is manning the phone and schedule. You cannot implement an appointment only situation if you do not have someone responsible enough to pick up the phone!!!

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