It’s Official!

Here’s a short video montage of my first day in office as a Nevada State Assemblywoman…

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3 thoughts on “It’s Official!”

  1. Congratulations! May God bless you and give you wisdom, courage, and grace to carry out your duties. We are blessed you have representation that stands up a fights for freedom and liberty. Good luck

  2. Congratulations, Annie! I agree with the previous comment. May God, indeed, give you His wisdom in carrying our your responsibilities in the legislature. In fact, I pray that all elected officials would have and use His wisdom. If that were so, we’d have really great government.

  3. John Cardiff Gerhardt

    That was… cute. However, it was all fluff. Develop important media by making videos that summarize these Legislative Elections and explain the material. This garbage-low-quality-cabal-controlled Legislative Session must be understood by us if it is to be mastered by us and finally controlled by us Nevadan People to whom it belongs. Since no one else is of independent mind but you… it is up to you. Produce more videos, the faster you can record and distribute, the better. So disregard production quality and editing. We need to see your face every day, and hear your words. You are the news now.

    I hear good things about your emails. Perhaps you’re “dropping the dirt” there. Hopefully you have enough resources to teach deeply, and spread the messages to many. Gail Powers didn’t hesitate to nominate you for the Governor candidate in a special election that would take place if Sisolak were successfully recalled. My conversation with her is what brought me here. Now, I must propose these bills with you, so that you may propose them to our State Assembly in this 81st Session (subsequent sessions are fine, no rush lol)
    NRS: Recall Petition Requirements:
    Article 16: Section 2: Constitutional Convention Procedure:
    THE NEVADA STATE CONSTITUTION (a newly drafted state constitution):

    How do we access the raw videos? I found the playlist link on YouTube, but have not yet found any way to download the video files for editing purposes. Please send that to me, anyone; thank you.

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