AnnieTV: New Video on Vaccine Passports

The Democrats’ unofficial national slogan is, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

And they wasted no time using the COVID crisis to assume dictatorial powers that would make the mullahs in Iran blush.

They shut down your jobs.

They shut down your businesses.

They shut down your schools.

They shut down your playgrounds.

They shut down your churches.

They imposed travel bans and curfews.

They confined you to your homes.

They forced you to cancel weddings, birthday parties and even Thanksgiving dinner.

They banned play dates and sleep-overs.

And they forced you to wear a cloth mask over your face that many health experts compare to trying to stop mosquitoes with a chainlink fence.

All without due process.

All without equal protection.

And usually without legislative approval.

And if you spoke up in opposition, you were shouted down and accused of trying to kill you’re your grandmother.

The 15 days to flatten the curve has turned into 15 months of flattening your freedoms, your liberty and your constitutional rights.

And these power-hungry socialists aren’t finished yet.

Now they’re trying to coerce you into getting an experimental vaccine that’s only received emergency approval by the FDA or wear a mask until you do.

That’s not hype. That’s what Joe Biden himself flat out said.

“The rule is very simple,” he declared on May 13th. “Get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.

This isn’t about the science.

This is about compliance.

Look, if you want to risk catching the coronavirus by not wearing a mask, that should be YOUR choice.

If you want to risk taking the coronavirus vaccine, that should be YOUR choice, as well.

And no politician, government bureaucrat or even private business should be allowed to force you to prove whether you’ve been vaxxed or not.

I’m Nevada State Assemblywoman Annie Black.

I’ve been fighting against these socialist bullies and tin-pot tyrants from Day One.

In retaliation, the Democrats voted to strip my right to vote or speak from the floor of the House Chamber unless I put on a mask or produce proof I’d received the vaccine.

I refused. Read my lips…


That’s my story. But I want to hear yours.

Have you been harassed, bullied, threatened or discriminated against because you refuse to wear a mask or prove you got the COVID vaccine?

Click on this link to share your story. 

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3 thoughts on “AnnieTV: New Video on Vaccine Passports”

  1. Thanks for all you do Annie – at least we have 1 voice of reason in Nevada. I will NEVER take that vaccine! I am healthy and I have a great GOD-given immune system. Let’s hope this passport never becomes reality. If it does that is the end of America as we know it.

  2. I agree with Jen. My daughter and I had Covid (mild cases) in February of 2020 and now it is coming out that you are likely immune for life. Add to that that the hydrochloriquon and ivermectin can cure Covid and that the “vaccine”/shot can cause death or serious injury, the decision to not take the so-called vaccine is logical. It is poison and can kill, and vaccinating young children should be a crime. And Dr. Fauci should be in prison.
    My daughter was out the other day and some man got ugly with her for not having a mask on. He was screaming at her. She said what about, “my body, my choice.” Wear a mask or not, your choice.

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