Just Say “NO!” to CannizzaroCare

(Annie Black) – Here are my remarks delivered at Americans for Prosperity’s Stand for Freedom: Hands Off My Healthcare Rally at the Nevada State Legislature last week…

How many of you think the government-run public schools are doing a fantastic job educating our kids?  (If you raised your hand, you can stop reading now)

So why would we think a government-run public health system would be different?

Actually, we don’t have to think. We know.

Despite all the false promises made about ObamaCare, the reality is the cost of premiums went up, the cost of deductibles went up and you lost your ability to choose your doctor.

The fact is, there is no problem in this country today that government CAN’T & WON’T make worse.

So instead of creating a NV mini-version of the of ObamaCare failure with CannizzaroCare, here are 5 simple market-based reforms…

1.) Allow private insurance companies to sell across state lines, and licensed doctors and nurses to practice across state lines.

2.) Allow individuals, especially younger people, to buy catastrophic insurance policies that don’t cover simple doctor’s visits but protect people from major health problems.

3.) If there’s one silver lining behind the coronavirus cloud, it’s that more and more people were forced to learn how to do Zoom meetings and such. To the extent that certain medical services can be provided at a far cheaper cost via telemedicine without risking patient safety, we should be encouraging it.

4.) If we can provide food vouchers to let people choose their own grocery story, we should provide medical vouchers so people can choose their own health insurance policy rather than creating another new, expensive healthcare bureaucracy.

5.) Can you imagine going into a restaurant where there are no prices on the menu and you just have to hope you can afford it when the check comes? Well, that’s pretty much exactly what patients face when they go into a doctor’s office today. We need price transparency.

As Ronald Reagan famously said in his first inaugural address – which, by the way, was the same day I was born! – “Government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem.”

If you want to make the health insurance problem in Nevada worse, pass CannizzaroCare.

Me? I’m not just voting no. I’m voting HELL NO!

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  1. Michael Ruggiero

    You are wonderful and on the right track keep up the great work best wishes from Nye county

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