BattleGround ’22 Election Survey Results: Part 3

(Annie Black) – This is the last of the three-part AnnieGram series looking at your responses to my five-question survey related to the upcoming election season.  Click on these links for parts One and Two.

This last one is the biggie…

Question 5: What should I do in 2022?

  • 00.9% said Retire from the Legislature and return to civilian life
  • 19.3% said run for Congressional District 4
  • 20.1% said run for Lieutenant Governor
  • 23.9% said run for re-election to the State Assembly
  • 35.8% said run for the State Senate

So no real consensus.  But here are some observations…

I’m pretty sure the less-than-one-percent of respondents wanting me to retire from the Legislature came from Democrats, RINOs (Republicans in Name Only)…and maybe a few of my family members!  LOL

Sorry, Charlie.  That ain’t gonna happen.

Next, let me express my appreciation to those of you who have suggested I run for Governor or the U.S. Senate.  I’m honored by the very thought.  However, I don’t feel those options are right at this time.  Don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.

Congress or Lieutenant Governor wouldn’t be such a giant leap and I know I could handle either.  However, a congressional or statewide race would be SUPER expensive.  And while we definitely expanded “Annie’s Army” throughout the state, I just don’t know if we could raise that kind of money…yet.

Which brings us to running again for a seat in the Legislature, as supported by 60% of you.  And that brings us first to the State Senate and the political problem that presents.  Here’s the thing…

Once the 2020 Census numbers are finalized and released, the Legislature will then be called into a special session to redraw the district lines.  No one know when that will happen.  Probably not until November or December.  But some believe the new lines won’t drawn until well into next year.

That said, my advisers have been crunching initial numbers, trying to make a “best guess” as to what’s going to happen.

And based on the population changes over the last ten years, it looks like State Sen. Pete Goicoechea will need to add around 3,000 people to Senate District 19 while State Sen. Joe Hardy in District 12 – which is where my home in Mesquite is situated currently – will need to shed around 18,000 people.

So there’s a very good chance I’m going to be moved out of Sen. Hardy’s district and into Sen. Goicoechea’s district.

And the reason that’s important is that Sen. Hardy is termed out in 2022 and can’t run again next year – so it’ll be an “open” seat – while Sen. Goicoechea won’t be termed out until 2024.

So unless I’m willing to move, it’s quite possible I won’t even be eligible to run for the State Senate next year.  But again, this is all projected guess-work.  We simply won’t know for sure until months from now.

Which brings us to running for re-election to the State Assembly.

Based on our best-guess scenario, it appears I’ll need to shed about 2,000 people in my Assembly District 19.  And odds are that means moving at least some of my Henderson constituents to another Assembly district.

Of course, the Democrats – who control the redistricting process, subject to any legal challenge that may come – will probably try to make my district more competitive by moving as many Republicans out of AD 19 as they can.

But that doesn’t worry me too much.  The things we stand for and the things I fought for during the session are things supported by most independent voters and even some Democrats.

Always bet on Black!


If I DO run for re-election, I don’t want to return to Carson City again with only a handful of conservative allies willing to stand up and fight the way I did in 2021.

So if I’m able to successfully raise enough money for my own campaign this summer, I’ll then start raising money for AnniePAC to recruit, train and support “Annie Black Republican” legislative candidates for 2022…including supporting conservative challengers to moderate incumbents in certain GOP-majority disticts in primaries.

What’s an Annie Black Republican?

Someone who will communicate with voters like Ronald Reagan…

Who will vote like Barry Goldwater…

And will fight like Donald Trump.

Gimme a dozen Republicans like that in the Assembly next session and we’ll make the Democrats’ lives absolutely miserable!

All it takes is money.

So even though it’s impossible for me to announce what I’ll be running for next year at this time, if you support where I stand…

If you support how I fought for you in the last session…

And if you support my goal of not only electing more Republicans to the Legislature, but more conservative ones, as well…

Then I hope you’ll invest in my election/re-election campaign tomorrow when the fundraising “blackout” period ends.

If so, there’ll be no stopping us!



“Thank you for all you do for Nevadans.  You aren’t even my representative, however, I have received more information from you, than my own elected officials in my district!  Thank you for your invaluable information and keeping me up-to-date with the Nevada Legislature.” – Marlene Drozd

“Annie, please let us all know how we can contribute to your next campaign.   Also, how we can contribute and help you recruit other conservative Republicans?  Thank you for your tireless efforts.” – Roberta Long

“Thanks, Annie!  Appreciate the time you take to get our input!  I hope more Republicans see your courage and willingness to stand up for the truth and they in turn do the same!” – Sylvia Lafferty

“Hi Annie.  I’m very proud of your hard work and your willingness to take the abuse and stand up to democrats in Carson City. I very much enjoy your Annie grams.” – Chuck Dickie

“If all our Republicans politicians were half as good as you, we would not have a problem with the Democrats.  Thank you for your ultimate support And work for the Americans of the great U.S. of A.” – Tim Dipley


“When it is not possible to reason with holy warriors, it is necessary to immobilize them or crush them.” – William F. Buckley, Jr.

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information and subscribe to her AnnieGram newsletter by visiting

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2 thoughts on “BattleGround ’22 Election Survey Results: Part 3”

  1. Sharon Morrison

    Hi Annie,
    First of all thank you for being brave enough to support the patriotic Republicans in your district of Nevada Southern Nevada. Secondly believe that you have the strength and stamina as well as the education to proceed forward and your leader ship to the fellow citizens here in Southern Nevada. I will support you however I can and your venture moving forward in politics, and anything else that I am agreement on. Prayers and blessings for your health and protection!

  2. Lawrence Edward Oravetz

    What you’re doing must be right since it rattles so many other politicians.. You do what you think is best. I believe the political climate will change in the 22 election and may flip the State in 24. Just like the weather…. wait 10 minutes and it will change. Take advantage of that and factor that into all the decisions you make.

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