The Loons are Zeroing in on My Campaign; Help Me Keep Up the Fight!

(Annie Black) – In response to my last AnnieGram, I got yet another “hate” email from a nasty liberal in Mesquite named Dave Petrillo who wrote…

“I just read your latest email and had to laugh. … The only problem is that there is nowhere for you to run. Nevada is solid blue and will continue to be after the redistricting. …Your only hope is to relocate to a red state. Wyoming comes to mind.”

I hope you’re as much looking forward to making Dave eat crow and shed some liberal tears as I am!

And here’s another from a leftie who’s not only angry at me, but you too…

“You’re a bunch of corrupt, traitorous sickos!! Joe Biden won fair & square and you moronic nincompoops want to challenge his win because a morbidly obese dirty Orange pervert, who has lied his entire life, has told you too. Only two people on Planet Earth will be pleased to see what you are doing, and one of them is the murdering leader of Russia. The other one loves two things, money and his own daughter.”

This is the kind of unhinged loon you and I have to deal with.

Anyway, as we enter the Independence Day weekend, I’m reminded of this NPR report from 2012 about George Washington…

“When Washington became Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army in 1775, he said he wouldn’t accept a salary for the position. But he did say he would accept reimbursement for his expenses. 

“So he documented everything, from payments to spies to his daily meals he was extremely meticulous. Washington’s expenses for July 4, 1776, included a broom (which cost 6 pence) as well as mutton, veal, beef, cabbage, beets, beans, potatoes, and lobster.”

Members of the Nevada State Assembly are elected to serve 730 days, but only receive a salary for the first 60 days of each session (and not much of one at that).  For the additional 60 days of each session, legislators are only paid a “per diem” to cover expenses, just like Washington.

The other 610 days?  Nada.  Zilch.  Nothing.

As it should be.

Nevada is better served by a citizen Legislature rather than full-time professional politicians.  After all, just look at what the “pros” have done to California!

Still, serving in office and running a campaign takes money.  And unless you’re personally wealthy (I’m not), then you depend on the generosity of voluntary contributions from people like you who support representatives who fight for them.

I hope you’re one of them.  Because the Dave Petrillos and other socialists out there have the long knives out for me.


I could be like many other candidates and tell you we have some fake “deadline” we have to meet…

And that we’re “falling short of our (made-up, unspecified) goal”…

And that your donation will be “a gazillion times” matched by some anonymous donor.

And maybe those tactics work.  After all, these candidates keep using them.

But I’m not about to insult your intelligence like that.  I have too much respect for Annie’s Army.

So I’m gonna do what I’ve always done: Play it straight with you.

I need to raise money for next year’s campaign, regardless of which office I decide to run for after re-districting is finalized.

And because the Democrats are already coming after me, I need to raise money for campaign expenses NOW.  That’s just the simple, unvarnished truth of politics.

No gimmicks.  No false deadlines.  No apocalyptic doomsday hype.

If you want me to keep fighting for you the way I have, I hope I can now count on your financial support as well as your moral support.

Any amount.  $10.  $25.  $50.  $100.  $250.  $500.  Or whatever you’re willing and able to invest in our mutual mission.

Even if you’ve NEVER made a political contribution in your life, I’d be deeply honored if you’d make me your first one…even if it’s only a one-dollar bill with George Washington’s face on it!

You can click here to make your donation online…

Or send your check, money order or first-born male child to:

Friends of Annie Black
575 Los Altos Circle
Mesquite, NV 89027

We WILL take our state back.

We WILL sack Sisolak.

We WILL restore election integrity.

We WILL win!

Remember, always bet on Black.

And I hope that’s something you’re willing to invest in.

By the way, I’m gonna follow George Washington’s example and buy a special broom on Sunday to symbolize sweeping Dave Petrillo’s liberal riff-raff out of the Legislature next year!



“Annie: I am one of the 35.8% who said run for the State Senate.  However, asking you to move a couple of miles post-redistricting for a part-time job with a terrible salary is a lot to ask. Whatever you decide, you can count on me for some $$$s for your campaign.” – Tom Daly, Washoe County

“As we know: ‘Money is the mother’s milk of politics.’  I made a commitment earlier to support you; the check is in the mail. Thank you for your service to all Nevadans.  We look forward to your successful campaign and return to Carson City.” – Ken Koeppe

“Annie even though you aren’t in our district we support you 100%. I normally don’t donate to political parties or groups. However, we will be donating to your campaign.” – Gary Turner, Annie’s Army member

“Just a small potato supporter, but you’ll have it.” – Vince Schantz

“I plan to allocate in my budget some form of campaign donation for your cause. Living on a retired plan has limitations but planning overcomes.” – John Istle

“It’s Michelle Murlin here.  Your biggest fan!!! I just wanted to email you and let you know that I will ALWAYS stand up for you and what you have been fighting for.  I think you’re AMAZING!!!  I know what you’re up against in this state.  It’s an uphill battle for sure. But thank you for sticking it out and for wanting to go even further into higher office.  WE NEED YOU.  Especially with all the Californians that are moving here.  They’re bringing their failed politics with them!” – Michelle Murlin


“Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.” – Late former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19.  You can get more information and subscribe to her AnnieGram newsletter by visiting

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  1. Douglas Cleveland

    I really wish someone would investigate the corruption of Deceased Manny Cortez and S, Sissylak in the $87 million dollar theft these two have stolen from the Las Vegas Convention Center

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