Ever Wonder Why So Many People Hate the DMV?

(Annie Black) – Last July I spent some time interviewing people forced to stand in line at the DMV in triple-digit temperatures just to get an appointment to come back to complete their business.

Unlike Carson City, Las Vegas, Henderson and Reno, rural DMV’s do not offer online reservations for appointments.

In mid-December, I shot a letter to DMV Director Julie Butler asking that online reservations be extended to rural DMV offices, noting the DMV “is there to service our residents, not the other way around.”

On January 21, Director Butler sent me a response.  Let’s just say it was…inadequate.  Lots of bureaucratic excuses; no solutions.

“Retaining our staff,” Ms. Butler wrote, “has also been difficult as we have dealt with our employees having COVID, helping their children with distance learning, and now having to take once-a-month furloughs.”

That part really ground my gears.  It’s as if the citizens they’re supposed to be serving aren’t experiencing COVID challenges themselves while being forced to endure the inconvenience of being required to travel to the DMV in-person JUST TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to come back.

Also, because of a deal cut with the governor last summer, government employees are only taking one furlough day every OTHER month…not once-a-month…while many of the citizens they’re supposed to serve have lost their jobs completely.

Then, as if to pour salt on an open wound, a notice was recently posted at the entrance of the Mesquite DMV that advised…

“Beginning February 1, Mesquite office books appointments beginning on Monday of each week for the following week.  Please visit the office on Mondays to schedule.”

So now, not only do you still have to go to the DMV office in person just to make an appointment, you can only do so on Mondays!

COVID or no COVID, this is totally unacceptable.  I mean, what if you have to work on Mondays?

Bottom line: I haven’t been able to fix this yet.  But I’m still fighting for you.  Will keep you posted.

Assemblywoman Annie

P.S.  Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan!

Heads Up on the Coming Gerrymander

A recent story by Riley Snyder noted that the Census Bureau data needed to redraw the political district lines this year won’t be available until after July 31st.

Which means the Legislature will have to be called back into another Special Session late next summer and folks considering running for office in 2022 are going to have to wait extra time before knowing if they’re still even in the district they might be considering running for.

Hmm.  Maybe I should just consider running for a statewide office so I won’t have to worry about this?

Just kidding (I think).


“State worker furloughs approved by the Legislature during a summer special session that were implemented Jan. 1 will not be continued in either fiscal year of the governor’s budget… State workers will also receive expanded (health care) coverage options.” – Nevada Independent

“FULL FLIGHT with 175 people on a plane from Reno to Las Vegas, middle seats & all; yet, we can’t open the Nevada State Legislature building to 25-50% capacity for public access to their representatives. I’m tired of the #hypocrisy.” – Nevada State Sen. Carrie Buck

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