Sisolak Lashes Out at CDC for Loosening His Desperate Grip on Power

(Annie Black) – Remember what Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak told Nevadans way back on April 16, 2020 about listening to experts when it came to his statewide shutdown orders?  Here’s a reminder…

“I am listening, and I will repeat this as many times as you’d like me to, to medical experts, to my scientific experts, and determining what is in the best interest of this community.”

And yes, he HAS repeated it ad nauseum.  But apparently we didn’t pay close enough attention to one all-important word in that statement: “my.”

The fact is, since Day One of the #SisolakShutdown the governor has used guidelines put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to justify one “emergency” order after another, including his mandatory face mask order…

“The Medical Advisory Team and the CDC recommend homemade fabric face coverings of all types.  They’re easy to make, and can be made from cloth, or fashioned out of something as simple as a bandana or an old T-shirt.”

But that was then.  This is now.

Earlier this week the CDC changed its guidelines on COVID-19 testing; now maintaining, as reported by the Associated Press, that “it’s not necessary for people who don’t feel sick but have been in close contact with infected people to get tested.”

The CDC.  The experts and scientists Gov. Sisolak has relied upon to maintain his political death grip on Nevadans and Nevada’s economy.

But the new advisory from the scientific health experts at the CDC doesn’t square with Gov. Sisolak’s use of increased testing to boost the number of reported cases so as to perpetuate his continued, never-ending “emergency” declarations.

Without more tests, there isn’t a big boost in cases.  Without big boosts in cases, there’s no reason to extend the governor’s self-bestowed emergency powers.

As such, the governor had a cow…

“In response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changing their COVID-19 testing guidance earlier this week to say that some individuals without symptoms may not need to be tested, State of Nevada health officials confirm that they will not be adopting the new guidance and will continue to strongly recommend testing for all individuals.”

He then went on Twitter and desperately blustered…

“There is no scientific justification for the disappointing & inexplicable CDC change.”

Got that?

Gov. Sisolak has relied on the CDC’s health “experts” and “scientific” recommendations to justify his authoritarian stranglehold on Nevada and our economy when it suited him.

But now that the CDC’s scientific medical experts no longer support his craving to retain kinglike power over our lives and businesses…well, screw them.

Which brings us back to the governor’s April 16 statement that he was listening to “MY scientific experts.”

As he’s now confirmed, if he can’t control ‘em, he ain’t listenin’ to ‘em.

So bug off, CDC!

This self-serving attitude calls into question EVERY decision the governor has made in mishandling the coronavirus crisis.

He should resign.

Which reminds me…

Our “Resign Sisolak!” proclamation was FedEx’ed to the governor on Monday.  If you’d like to see the final document – with all your names added in alphabetical order – click here


“Their agenda is based on government control. Our agenda is based on freedom.” – Vice President Mike Pence

“Lockdown was a panic measure and I believe history will say trying to control Covid-19 through lockdown was a monumental mistake on a global scale, the cure was worse than the disease.  I never want to see national lockdown again.” – Dr. Mark Woolhouse, a scientist who advises the British government on infectious diseases

“Sturgis, South Dakota with a population of 6,000 had an invasion from August 7th to 16th of 460,000 vehicles (according to NBC News).  Very few wore masks and the bars and restaurants were filled to the brim.  We are now at 14 days from the middle of the event.  Folks that attended should be dropping like flies.  What happened?” – Bill Thornhil

Annie Black is a Mesquite City Councilwoman and Assemblywoman-elect for Nevada State Assembly District 19.  You can get more information by visiting 

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