Sisolak’s Last Supper: Pizza for Me but Not for Thee!

(Annie Black) – Over the weekend, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak was caught on video enjoying a night on the town, wining and dining mask-less at a cozy dinner-for-four with live entertainment at an Italian restaurant in Las Vegas.

What a double-talking hypocrite.

After getting blistered unmercifully and deservedly on social media this morning, the governor issued a statement excusing himself, including the following…

“There is no prohibition on ambient background music, like what was playing at the restaurant.”

But just yesterday columnist John Katsilometes of the Las Vegas Review-Journal detailed the contradictory hoops to jump through, including the definition of “ambient” music, that have been imposed on other restaurants and venues.

Apparently, a live band is OK for the governor’s favorite eatery, but not anyone else.

Instead, according to the governor, the rest of us should go visit a ghost town (seriously, he actually said that).

If it’s safe and OK for Gov. Sisolak to catch dinner and a show, it should be OK for bars, churches, showrooms, playgrounds and convention centers to reopen, too.

People who are at a high risk of catching the coronavirus or afraid to venture out should stay home.  But set the rest of us FREE!

Especially in light of the new CDC report that came out this morning showing that “only 6% of all coronavirus deaths were completely due to the coronavirus alone” and “the rest of the deaths…are attributed to individuals who had other serious issues going on.”

This is just the latest in a long list of reasons why so many Nevadans signed my “Resign Sisolak!” petition.

Oh, and about that…

A serious effort to muzzle me is well underway.

Seems the petition – and my ongoing criticism of the Governor on social media and in AnnieGrams – has gotten under somebody’s skin.

It’s been “suggested” that I “tone it down.”  Play the game.  Learn the ropes.  Pay my dues.  Wait my turn.  Not speak unless spoken to.  Go along to get along.

Or else.

Yep.  A not-too-subtle threat that unless I play ball, I risk what every politician is supposed to be scared to death of…

Not getting re-elected (the horror!).

This threat usually works on most people.

I’m not most people.

As the late Herman Cain was fond of saying, “I does not care.”

In my mind I’ll have 120 days next session to champion the causes and issues I ran on.

If the Governor, certain special interests and the Carson City political establishment want to try to take me out in 2022, have at it.

The only thing I care about is keeping the promises I made in my campaign.

I won’t be silenced.  I won’t be intimidated.

Nobody puts Annie in a corner!  LOL

P.S.  If you support me speaking up and speaking out on your behalf, please help me elect more conservatives to the Legislature in November by making a donation to AnniePAC…

Click here

QUOTES OF THE DAY on the Governor’s Pizza Party…

“Your logic during this entire thing has just been so out of touch with reality. It’s like you’re just doing things on purpose to see how many blatantly pointless things we’ll just keep putting up with for your own amusement.  I’ll tune in next week when u tell us that wearing our left shoe is ok but the right one is super dangerous and cannot be worn in public.” – Aaron Alexander 

“Must be nice! Many people can’t afford to eat at all.” – Cyndie Collins

“Why are YOU allowed to enjoy these kinds of things yet disallow Nevadans from having that same luxury?” – Brandon Manimal Shirey

“You are a lying hypocrite. That was live entertainment and you know it.” – Chris Hughes

“Stay home, Governor.  Isn’t that your slogan? How can the virus know if I’m eating while listening to music?” – Cheryl Irish Trotter

“You need to man up and open our state!!! You have failed on so many levels. Make this right NOW!” – Audrey Schmierer

“People are going to start losing their homes! We can get unemployment because the system is so messed up!  I am glad you get to go out and enjoy yourself while you are still collecting a paycheck and sleeping fine at night!!!” – Sara Wyant

“There is a woman on stage with a microphone.  This isn’t just background music.” – Nicole Langhans

“’Ambient background music.’  LOL. People playing instruments – plural – with a singer is now considered ambient background music.  That is a really pathetic statement by a lazy, former telemarketer, con man.” – Russell Price

“18,000 employees are being laid off at MGM. … Get off your high horse and open live entertainment now.” – Jeremy Rose

“Who cares about background music?  People have real problems that you are not addressing. I don’t see how you can even eat or sleep at night knowing you failed a whole state.” – Danielle Squires

“He would have never said a word if he didn’t get caught.” – Michele Richardson

“There are so many things that are contradictions in the way things are operating.  Let’s open everything up…and let our workers get back to work.” – Melinda Harris

“Your mandates are ridiculous.  And they aren’t working or changing anything at all.” – Jaydon Ogden

“Open our state NOW.  Schools, bars, clubs, sports … and anyone who doesn’t agree, STAY HOME.” – Frederick Marquez

“We are all tired of this mandatory mask-wearing Covid BS!  Open this state.  You already destroyed enough lives and businesses.” – Martin Laktzian

“You are by far the worst governor ever. This should be over now. Furthermore, you put mandate on masks and numbers are spiking?” – Lynette Brown

Annie Black is a Mesquite City Councilwoman and Assemblywoman-elect for Nevada State Assembly District 19.  You can get more information by visiting 

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1 thought on “Sisolak’s Last Supper: Pizza for Me but Not for Thee!”

  1. Differently like your attitude and your statements. So, damn few politicians keep there promises once elected. I am half tempted to move to Mesquite just so I can say I have an assemblywoman that does what she says she is going to do.
    For the record we met several times at Chucks conservative luncheons.

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